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    1. GE restocking is advertised but you are unable to control that.
    2. @Pandemic Well for a script this complex I would expect that to be mandatory to have basic stuff like profile support or customization options for the important supported features, I thought it has muling support too which I admit it was my fault I overlooked that one but I was surprised a script like this doesnt have it. I dont know if its working or not but the point is it doesnt really matter since I wouldnt be using the script like this anyway, would be way too much hassle and its not worth my time. But I gave many other reasons too not just one, like not being able to customize the GE, the bad customer support I got and just the overall experience, also frankly if he talks like that I wouldnt be wanting to be his customer anyway. I want to make it clear I would only use this script if he would add profile support, the GE customizability options and muling which again I admit that I overlooked that one but anyway the point is its totally not what I expected and the issues and support that I got is still not really okay.
    3. Script Refund Request Template: Date Purchased: 2021/07/13 Script Purchased: Cloakd Runecrafter Script Creator (tag them with @): @TheCloakdOne Reason for Refund: -First the script had issues getting the price of items which he blamed on me and kept pointing fingers but this was nonsense, I tried the script with/without proxies on multiple servers and it still didnt work even on one that had all ports open, I used hundreds of other scripts from other bots and never had an issue like this ever. -Script gets stuck buying again after him adding the fallback and it doesnt automatically adjust the price -Then I just find out the script has barely any customizability for example you cant save profiles so you have to set up the GUI settings every time you start it on every accounts, now this is unviable for a person who bots with a lot of accounts. -You cant customize GE either since the script doesnt have a GE tab in the GUI, so you cant customize prices, relist policy anything which will make the script stick unless its hard coded properly for every kind of situation to not get stuck. -For some reason he thought I am trying to use his mud script meanwhile I did indicate him that I am trying to use the RC script so he basically based our whole conversation on his mud script and told me features of that script, only at the end he realized I am trying to use the RC script the whole time when I posted a picture of the RC scripts GUI. -The guy is rude, he doesnt have patience, he is bitter and angry for no reason, I never talked to him, dont even know him and he just acts like this out of nowhere, unprofessional and totally unnecessary, hes trying to make it personal wherever its possible and making these phlegmatic insensitive comments like Here he expects me to know his timezone or when hes on/off and just being rude Here he expects me to manually operate a script meanwhile it should be the scripts job since its a supported feature... Here I tried helping the issue by figuring out if its a port issue or whatever but rather than helping me trying to figure it out he just kept making these uncaring comments and not really helping the issue Again he is just being mad for no reason and cant even give a good reason why it wouldnt work on the multiple server setups that I tried from multiple location, the Vultr VPS was just a test as the script wasnt getting the prices on my dedicated server either which is not from Vultr Its entirely possible that this entire pricing issue even before him adding that fallback thing was caused by the DB client, I dont know since there was no clear evidence what caused it. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): Already provided Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): Already provided Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap Refund, by the way he acted so unprofessionally I honestly just dont want to deal with this anymore, even if everything would get fixed added whatever he looks like he is just that kind of person who would be constantly having trouble and arguing with. I dont think a scripter acting like this helps the image of DB but thats just my opinion. VIP/Sponsor/Lifetime Sponsor Refund Template: Date Purchased: 2021/07/13 Product Purchased: VIP Reason for Refund: Since I only bought the VIP solely for that 1 script I would like to request a refund for the VIP too since I wont be using DB for any other reason.
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