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    I am currently running 8 bots on my laptop and the fans are at full capacity and my CPU is burning hot.
    I'm thinking of expanding my bot farm. That's why I want to buy a dedicated pc where I can run at least 45+ bots comfortably.

    But I have some doubts about the processor that I should buy. I would like your help to decide.
    I have a friend who can sell me an HP DL380 G9 server with DUAL Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4 + 256GB RAM in exchange for a Macbook -which I don't use- and $600. I wonder if this setup is enough for the purposes I need.
    Or should I build a gaming pc with the latest generation i7/i9 processor instead. I've seen on benchmark sites that this has better performance on the single-core, and from what I understand this is the most important thing for Runescape.

    So, should I buy a processor that has better single-core performance or a processor with many cores?
    By the way, my current laptop has an i7 7700HQ processor and 24GB RAM. And each bot uses about 12% of the CPU and 300 MB (2.5%) of RAM.

    I await for your advice.
    Many thanks!

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    You can get some great used server hardware on eBay. Look for systems with high core count and lean to towards those with higher clock speeds. Use CPU Benchmark to look for single core performance scores, the higher the better - or if on a budget look at price to performance.

    Server mobo, sever cpu and a tonne of ram 64gb+ and you're good to go. I'd start by looking at the Xeon E5 range...

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