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    Within the new Runescape terms of service include the right to inspect the memory and file contents of the game (at least, heard of it from youtube). How can the bot beat this? Since if they have access to the file system, they can easily see client. Once a client is known it would be trivial to detect it on other devices.


    What can be done about this. I'm assuming that DreamBot downloads and executes the official client code, just within a wrapper. How correct I'm I. I'm a noob

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    • moresomething changed the title to Beating the new term of service

    Is it something that is expected in future updates?  (IE not risking valuable accounts) will a bot account eventually be found. Is in inevitable, or can watching the account and playing on it like a normal person keep the account from being banned. 

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    I can't speak to their future developments, but botting is against the game's rules and you can always be banned for doing it. If you can't lose the account I'd suggest not botting at all on it.

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    3 hours ago, moresomething said:

    Got banned today and the statement from jagex says it they can detect usage of thirdpatry software.

    botted 4 hours day, not crazy


    how would they be detecting this currently?

    Currently they detect bots on their end, not with client sided detection, so they'd look at your actions in game (or other data like that) to determine if it's likely a bot or a real person (most people don't do the same repetitive task for hours on end, for a simple example).

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