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    what script should i use or what type to start. like i want to build an account and make some money  on it without supplying or whatever.

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    You will need to do some trail and error / experimentation to figure out what works best for you and your setup.  There is no "Just do X and you'll print money"  If it were that easy everyone would be doing it lol.

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    Hey Nik0.

                 Step 1:        Hey bro make sure to do tutorial island manually as its the first place bot detectors check.

                 Step 2:        Go for a simple task like getting fishing, woodcutting, mining to around the 20's using any of the free scripts (paid are better).

                 Step 3:        Make sure to manually play here n there whilst botting for the first 20 Hours... as I also believe jagex to be heavily watching all players in their trial period. (20 hour no trade).

                 Step 4:        Once an accumulative of skills have been earned with some manual play 10 mins of every hour botting e.g. (woodcutting lv20, fishing lv20 and say mining lv20) go for a few quests.... (do not bot quests!) almost guaranteed ban in my experience.

                Step 5:         Rest time, now its time to rest your account/accounts for an hour or two to deter the jagex's bot detecting programs. (my agenda is too make 2 more accs and start the process over while accounts 1 & 2 are in their resting period.


              Rinse and Repeat the Above (moving targets from the original 20's too say 30's or 40's). keep changing your task never ever do a straight 4+hour grind using a bot within the 20 hour restricted play time. else you'll welcome yourself to a Guaranteed ban. =P


    Tip 1:         Avoid trading with an alt for gp at least until your 20 hour trade restriction has been lifted (i believe they watch trades going from existing players to brand new players and then auto watch those new players... due to the fact that new players (that are being botted) normally have a main or alt trade a cash sum to them to get the ball rolling (Avoid this at all costs).

                 Tip 2:       Try to throw in a few friend requests to Randoms or just type when at botting spots, a bot will 100% not talk. They will type but not communicate e.g. answering another players questions or whatever you get the idea.  


    If you need advise on which bots to use, then i suggest checking out the most popular downloaded free scripts. 

    In my Recommendation id say use "Dreamy AIO Skiller" - This is by far the best that ive had the time to test out. yes its a paid for script but bro if you want your accounts to last i strongly suggest investing a few pennies into a paid script as free ones are heavily monitored.


                                                                                                                     Hope this helps my duuuuuuude =P


                                                                                                                                        - Peace out -

                                                                                                                                           ii DeVZz ii



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