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  • [DOWNLOAD] MouseRecorder & Path Manipulator


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    This is a Mouse Recorder which records several types of Mouse Actions (Moves, Drags, Clicks) then plays them for you from any starting point to any end point (compress the path or cuts it if the wanted path distance is shorter than recorded) and Manipulates the recorded path when playing it to differentiate it from the previous plays.

    Disclaimer: DOES NOT PLAY LONGER PATHS THAN THE RECORDED ONE. (So if you record a path which his 500px in length, you can't play a 501px path.)

    Disclaimer #2: This Project isn't finished and I probably won't finish it. but it does the job.

    I made this Mouse Recorder Several Months ago and it's not clean code as I tend not to care for code cleanliness in testing scenarios (and this project wasn't a serious one for me).

    How to use:

    1) Select the Mode (Regular Moves, Drags, Clicks, etc...)

    2) Click Start then follow the red box and click it (For moves and drags)

    2) Click Start then click multiple times anywhere on the screen to record clicks (For Clicks)

    3) Select the Mode (Regulars Moves, etc...) then Click Refresh to view the recorded samples of that mode on the right

    4) To Save the recordings click "Save" and select a location.


    Jar file is attached :)


    Enjoy I guess


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