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  • Human Like Bot Improvements


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    1. Human Mouse Data, so each mouse movement and click stlye emulates a human perfectly. We need 99% accuracy human replication.

    2. Webwalking behaivor, needs to be humanized, currently, the bots will click the minimap, then the mouse will wait until the next coordinate click. The mouse should shift around slightly, to emulate a human bumping their mouse around or just slightly moving their mouse naturally. The web-walking behaivor is super-botlike IMO.

    3. Mouse Speed should be variable, and based upon human mouse speed variation. When a human moves a mouse, wether a laptop trackpad or portable mouse, they speed up and slow down, according to their hand and arm geometries and the click path length, DreamBot using the CONSISTANT mouse speed, is totally un-realistic for a human player and should be randomized at least, and clone human behaivor at best. Thanks.

    A type of Mirror mode, so we can reflect the client to make the bot client undetectable.

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    Here's a simple random mouse speed code 


    public class class extends AbstractScript {
        private void mouseSpeed() {
            final int random = Calculations.random(1, 3);
            if (random == 1) {
            else if (random == 2) {
            else {
        private void fishing() {
            "your fishing function"
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