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    Since RWT/Botting is forbidden in the EULA and you doing that is breaching the contract that means Jagex can sue any botfarm at any given time but my question is how likely is that? Is it like with downloadin music where it's technically illegal but no one really cares to start suing people for it or Jagex might lave the small botfarms untouched but once u start making the big bucks they will come after u?

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    It is against their terms of service, yes.

    That is 'game rules' which gives them the right to terminate your account, this does not mean that it is in law or illegal.

    By botting or doing RWT, you are breaching their rules, not the law.


    In regards to your comparison of downloading music, that is not the same as that is infringing on copyright which is illegal in many jurisdictions.



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    39 minutes ago, Dune said:

    I was told by a lawyer that the EULA is a legal contract and if you breach it you can be sued in court for it.

    Here is an excerpt of the EULA saying that the game rules are also legally binding :

    "In addition to the terms of this Licence, any and all uses of the Software are subject to our privacy policy located at https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/terms/privacy ("Privacy Policy") and the Game terms and conditions of use available at: https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/terms ("Terms and Conditions"), and the rules of the Game available at https://www.runescape.com/game-guide/rules ("Game Rules") all of which are incorporated into this Licence by reference. By agreeing to this Licence, you agree to be legally bound by the Privacy Policy, the Game Rules and the Terms and Conditions."


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    1.) Always pay your taxes

    2.) As a user you are really at no legal risk unless you are doing something really sketchy like stealing accounts or scamming etc (illegal shit game or not)

    3.) If they want someone to stop they will send client developers a warning being like yo shut down or we will go to court.  You can google prior cases of clients being taken to court, generally speaking most of the legal issues don't come from just cheating in video games.




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    They could try to send a cease and desist and if you didn't stop engaging in the activity (gold farming, RWT) they would have more cause to sue you. If they'd actually be granted the cease and desist order or take further action is the question.

    It seems very unlikely that Jagex would target an individual's bot farm. They'd be more likely to try to get sites like dreambot shut down.

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    I heard Sythe was threatened with court at some point, back when they had a game client. Someone added a code to it that stole a bunch of accounts. It's just hearsay of course. All kinds of shady stuff happened on Sythe so I wouldn't be suprised.

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