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    I've been playing RS since -06 but occasionally I have taken my breaks because of lost interests etc. I do currently have an account of my own it's maxed and I'm currently working on completionist cape and quest point cape which is a requirement for it. But I will be using newbie account for which I take my RSGP payments.
    I will be providing services for both RS3 and OSRS! I prefer RS3 though.
    You can login to your account (even in the middle of a service) whenever you want! It's your account after all. Please notify me before doing though.
    Payment methods
    • PayPal
    • OS RSGP (1M/$2.10)
    • RS3 RSGP (1M/$0.32)
    Terms of Service:
    • There are no refunds! (unless I fail to do a service of course)
    • You need to provide all the materials for the service (I can buy quest items myself but you provide the GP)
    • I will never go first. You have to pay first. I don't do 50/50 either.

    Note: Every price is negotiable!
    Quests and miniquests
    Each 5 quests gives you one quest for free! (only a normal one though!)
    Grandmaster quests $4 each
    Master quests $3 each
    Easy/Medium/Hard quests $2 each
    Miniquests $1.5 each
    Every other skill
    Level 1 to 30
    Level 30 to 50
    Order Forms:

    Powerleveling Order Form
    Skill you need Trained:
    Current  level?:
    Level wanted?:
    Do you have supplies?:
    Who have you added on skype?:
    Do you agree to the Terms of Service:



    Questing Order Form
    Quest(s) needed?:
    Do you have supplies?:
    Who have you added on skype?:
    Do you agree to the Terms of Service:



    Got a service that you need? Ask away!


    How to contact me:

    Skype: Actuvas

    Private Message/Visitor Message



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    Vouch he got me 1-40 strength on my account. Everything smooth

    Vouch. Completed 2 accounts 60 60 60. Good communication and on good time-frame

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    Can you please get me 40 rc for the free service?

    Free services have already been used.

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