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       Hi, I'm the one they call XYZ, this service will be based for people who want someone to remove the stress of botting/goldfarming, most people don't have pleasant experiences with botting either because of bans, the cost, or the lack of knowledge over the subjects. 

       I help remove the need for you to buy VIP, bonds, VPS, Proxies, scripts,  while bringing experience to the table with stability, security to the botter, and while bringing massive gold and xp gains to the table. I will be hosting these accounts on secure VPS with proxies for maximum security as well rotating them in the current botting pool I have running at the moment. You will receive either a 15%-45% profit depending on the stats of your account , that's because the lower stats the more maintenance it requires on my side + supply costs are increased dependent on that as well.



    Requirements: Quest/Stats

    Quest= Shades of Morton, I recommend having completed Animal Mag for maximum profits.


    Stats= 20+ def 50+ mage I will train prior to botting, 46+ range, 43+ pray




      You will not log on your account until the botting period is completed designated by you before I start the account in the POOL, accounts are subject to termination at my discretion if I will you are more trouble then you're worth, or if you log onto the account at any given time.

      Any account is subject to ban by jagex at any time , even though I have a great method that has less then a 10% ban rate at the moment. Payments will be paid weekly or bi weekly dependent on the users request, I also offer a merching service you may inquire about , you must have a secure mule to store the gold on, as well I will pay off the initial item cost which I stock the account with before we take profits, but it's a minor 2m at the most dependent on the accounts stats once again.:



    Some pictures of progress with my service, the account started with 42 mage 46 range 40 def 

    prior to the launch had 0 b chest as well, and then a picture of me so you get familiar with me I feel it's best to connect with any client. If you feel this service is for you post here or message me DO NOT POST ANYTHING NEGATIVE OR HARMFUL TO MY SERVICE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T POST.


    Right click open pictures in new tab if they aren't visible.








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    They open fine for me whenever i right click I'll try that method.

    They open fine for me whenever i right click I'll try that method.

    They open fine for me whenever i right click I'll try that method.

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