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    Hello all,

    I've got a method I have been running for a short while, it's pretty profitable and is working well currently.

    Just looking for opinions of other botters as to what you would choose from the following options regarding profit per hour.

    The method is selling items to a shop and then hopping to the next world, pretty basic but I've found a niche place, based on 1,000 of each item and a total of 7 items and a total investment of 7.6m to 8m. With the data given, which would you pick from the list below:

    Items Per World - Total Profit - Hours Logged In - Profit Per Hour

    1 p/w - 3,400,000 - 4 - 850,000
    2 p/w - 3,164,050 - 2 - 1,582,025
    5 p/w - 2,456,200 - 1 - 2,456,200

    For me personally, I have found that having the accounts logged in the least time possible definitely does help the ban rates as I've ran this method for around 2 months now and not a single ban (although I could have just given myself bad luck saying that).

    That being said, I've been running at the median of 2 per world for 2 hours total logged in time, a compromise between profit and time logged in.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts...

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