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    As title suggests.

    Selling my account, ideal for Vorkath-ing/Zulrah-ing.

    Looking for best offer.

    The Account comes without registered e-mail and the skills mentioned in the topic title, no more, no less.

    Hit me up on Discord Eungyo#0637

    Discord Unique ID: 584027513060327424

    I'll be fair and honest, it has been a while that I sold accounts, so I am not sure about these days' prices, so I'll just wait for some legit offers.


    1. Not going first, unless you have at least noteworthy amount of feedbacks.
    2. Will only accept USD/EUR/GBP, although I prefer GBP/EUR.
    3. I will ONLY accept PayPal.
    4. I am NOT paying for any extra charges (this includes currency exchange, transaction fee, etc).
    5. Upon agreement, you MUST send the money "TO A FRIEND/RELATIVE or GIFT", whatever it is called these days. (Will look up once the trade is happening).
    6. Money that was sent as "PAYMENT" will be immediately refunded, and I will abort the trade.
    7. You MUST wait until the end of transaction.
    8. Buying/Selling/Trading accounts is against OSRS rules. You hereby acknowledge this, as well as, that you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE of the future of the character once the trade is over.






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