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  • Only botted paid script for a day and got banned on 2 accounts


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    I am now permanently banned on 2 accounts because of the pest control bot I am extremely irritated because in the description it said undetectable and now I’m permanently banned on 2 accounts I’ve had one account for over 5 years and the other one a year! Tons of work put into both!

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    That sucks. Just so you know for future:  In the description for scripts when you see things like "undetectable, 100 percent human, human brain algorithms, life like mouse movements, confirmed 99.9% success rate among botters" - Its most likely a gimmick people in sales (e.g. people who sell botting scripts) use to increase the appeal of their code. They are trying to sell their product, not make you successful. Its not really lying, but it kind of is. Look at reviews and vouches when you want to purchase a script from someone.

    Like when you see a level 3 bot spamming "join this discord for a free xxxxK GP and an entry into a giveaway for xxxxxx" at the GE. That is a phishing site not for your GP or your Runescape account... but for you discord log in. The aim for them is to get your discord account details because maybe its the same as accounts linked to your Runescape.

    Need to say don't bot on account don't want ban, your fault not feel bad the usual as well.

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    When you bot, you have to think, will a human do this? 

    My bots are rarely banned, even with public paid scripts as I simulate the amount of time that I normally play runescape, and it checks out.

    Don't let this stop you. Just a road block :D

    Keep goin man!

    Good luck <3


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