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    Now it completes tut island, does quests for 10QP, levels skills to 130+ total, and goes afk for 20 hours. Proggy:






    Hey, I developed my second script. I've worked my ass off for this, believe me :D. Anyways, I'm blessed to have a lot of experience in programming (Python primarily) as a whole, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pull this off in like 5 days of learning the API and Java syntax.

    I don't really like the idea of having GUIs and having to manually input settings, so I completely ignored it. Instead this script creates data files on your desktop and you can change it there. But it's not needed, as every time you run this script on a new acc -- it automatically assigns random levels to train to.

    Now, my vision is to have an arsenal of one-click scripts, and I think with this script I've moved forward with it. It still needs work, but I'm already running it on my fresh accounts to keep them off Jagex's radar. (That's the point of this script). It doesn't get stuck and it's reliable.

    So yea, lemme know if you have any ideas or whatever.


    1) One click to train FM,WC,FISHING,MINING & MELEE COMBAT (more coming later on);

    2) Clean, node-task based code that I understand and can easily edit and fix bugs

    3) Runs on 2 threads, the main thread and another which takes care of antiban and other stuff like combat detection, run on, closing interfaces, etc. Although I have no idea how to implement some sort of select method (I know how to do it in Python, but not Java yet). So sometimes it interferes with one another -- but actually I think that's a good thing, more randomization, less detection.

    Also, I do have variables to stop the main code and the second thread from interfaring, but it's not perfect; but again, it doesn't create any serious problems and it randomizes the patterns.

    4) Hops worlds if an area is too crowded (combat, mining) & doesn't attack already attacked mobs or mine rocks that have competition

    5) Complex antiban. Has many randomized stuff that it does and it runs in the second thread, so both main code and antiban co-exist.

    6) Trains strength first before training any other combat stat (trains to min_level+10). Default min level is 7, so it trains it to 17 before even starting to train att or def. Ensuring 3 damage possibility.

    7) The "engine" is kinda done, that was the biggest thing. Now I can easily add new skills and stuff.




    * Adding more areas to add variety; [DONE]

    * Improve reset_skill node (easy); [DONE]

    * Add moneymaking nodes so the bot could buy better tools without mule's help; [DONE]

    * Add new skill which the script takes care of (MAGIC) [DONE]

    * Add questing nodes and assign random quests to complete; [DONE AGES AGO 😛]

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    Awesome !

    you should make some equipment prioritize(will take the best gear for the current skill) . and if the player reached a new level that he can buy himself a new axe/sword/etc then go to ge>buy>return to tasks 😜

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    4 hours ago, darkvenus said:

    Awesome !

    you should make some equipment prioritize(will take the best gear for the current skill) . and if the player reached a new level that he can buy himself a new axe/sword/etc then go to ge>buy>return to tasks 😜

    Yeah, I'm planning on doing that; the problem is that new accounts don't have a lot of gp, so I'll have to make a moneymaking node

    8 hours ago, Pixel_Life said:

    Very nice :)

    Thank you!

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    Wrote an account creator, unlocker and checker to supplement Maquina One Click Leveler. Neat stuff.

    Account creator creates accounts with an unique proxy (from a list of proxies I provided), and confirms email with the same proxy. 

    Account unlocker unlocks accounts with the same proxy used.

    Account checker simply checks whether an acc is good to go, locked, banned or otherwise. (It combines both Java and Python into one btw :p; also it's fast, since it checks multiple accs at a time)


    On 12/4/2020 at 2:40 AM, D2Cube said:

    Oh wow, I will be definitely watching this!

    Thank you for the support :)

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