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  • Bot busting ban changed to macro major?

    Flabby Fukr

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    Anyone know what happened here, or had this happen to them? Pretty unusual as i had 6 accounts, identical stats, identical tasks. But for some odd reason obly this account got a macro major, before it was unbanned. All other accounts are fine.

    All run on a proxy each, could this one proxy be flagged? Idk pretty bizzare.

    They were 6 air orb bots, 2 got banned early on, 4 lasted a few more days. All had received bot busting moderate bans.

    NOTE: I dont care about the accounts just curious why was this one account targeted and has it happned to others?



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    No one's going to be able to give you an accurate answer it's all speculation.  They often delay bans so you don't know exactly what you might have did that triggered the ban. Looks like the one might have got caught in a bot busting hunt vs detected by the system automagically.  

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    Thanks for input. I think i have an idea now. Probs was a delayed perm ban as i think script broke. But got manually reviewed and got a bot bust before then. So the minute my temp ban expired, the perm banned kicked in. Speculation but i believe is highly likely

    Thinking this, as my other bots probably didnt ping the automatic system as only this one broke for hours. As seems theres no reason for them to reinvestigate this one account as they were all the same stats doing same thing and those wernt reinvestigated

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