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  • ✨400+ Discord Members✨Hiring ✅Firecapers/Minigames/Questers/Skillers/Account Builders/✅


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    ⚔️Lucky Charm Services is Hiring!⚔️

    We are hiring Firecapers/Minigamers/Skillers/Questers/Account builders for all services (green means hiring red = not hiring)

    We are looking for efficient workers that are highly communicative on discord and play a lot each day 6-8h+
    There is no limit at LuckyCharm Services, if you are working efficiently and can take multiple jobs the pay you are getting will be fantastic (close to a regular job)
    There is also room to grow, if you are doing well as a worker you can build your way up to becoming a manager.

    If you would like to work for me by doing services (Firecapes/ Minigames/Powerlevelling/Questing) A deposit would be required of 200m. You can open a ticket in our discord to apply as a worker!

    Account builders:
    We are searching account builders that can build me the following accounts from scratch no deposit required if you are working with your own supplies
    Maxed mains: 99 atk/99 str/99 def
    Barrows gloves package + lunar diplomacy: (with 15 prayer 50 attack 42 defence) + all skill requirements
    Pure package: Mithril gloves quested, monkey madness 1, animal magnetism horror from the deep, desert treasure (with 15 prayer)

    Add me on Discord/Skype if you are interested in building these account builds for me.

    Contact me
    you can open a ticket and order through our discord server
    Or contact me personally:
    My discord: LuckyCharm#7749
    Unique Discord ID: 591228198071566337
    My Skype: live:.cid.ba0e070b4d644c2

    Terms of service
    1. You'll work at an 80-20% profit (80% goes to you as worker).
    2. You may not work on orders outside of our service. Unless agreed otherwise with me.
    3. You must have clean reputation on Sythe and other forums.
    4. You will never accept payments as a worker.
    5. Be able to communicate with customers in fluent English.
    6. If you're going to be inactive give notice to the owners.
    7. You must give notice to the owner 7 days before leaving and finish all your orders before getting your full deposit back.
    8. You must be able to use Runelite and Discord.
    9. You must pay 200m in deposit for safety reasons. This is totally refunable when you want to leave and having no open tickets or any other obligations
    10. If a customers account gets banned (and you are responsible) i will report you on sythe, and you will not be paid. This might also lead to a loss of the deposit which i will use to compensate the customer.
    11. You must fully understand our #terms-of-service & #rules(can be found at our discord). Breaking the rules will lead to getting fired.
    12. You're not allowed to leak information from inside the discord(ticket que, chats between the team, ect).
    13. We are searching for people that can provide 6-8 hours of working on the accounts a day.
    14. All the damages from accidentally adding additional level(combat mainly) will be paid from workers deposit and until worker repays the deposit he wont be able to do any more orders.
    15. The account information of the service will be provided directly by the customer through discord private messages.
    16. You are required to have 2 factor authentication for both discord and sythe.
    17. Breaking the rules such as stealing, scamming, putting additional levels, consistant complaints about losing wealth from customers accounts will lead to ban from our services without a chance to receive deposit back

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