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  • Origo - Instant Automated Account Delivery - Tut Isle | Air Orb | NMZ | Halo | Rogue | Hunter Accounts!


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    Origo (Latin, verb): "Source", "The origin", The beginning of..."

    • Origo was created to help bridge a major gap in the OSRS account sales sector- the swift, simple, & streamlined process in which a buyer can purchase accounts at any time of the day, week, or year - and receive delivery instantly. Founded by industry veterans, what was originally an idea grew to reality. Origo is a service at the virtual fingertips of any individual interested in purchasing OSRS accounts.


    • Origo maintains an extremely strict supply chain for all accounts stocked. Our supplier network is a closed ring consisting of private account servicers and experts, who work diligently to provide our customers with reliable & high quality OSRS accounts for personal use, botting, goldfarming, muling, gold trading, or some other clever purpose!


    Account Stock


    • Tutorial Island Accounts: $0.06 each - Origo's Tutorial Island accounts are OSRS accounts that have completed Tutorial Island. All accounts are created with realistic, humanlike in-game names, and are made on residential IP addresses. All email addresses are unregistered. Being our flagship product, Origo takes great pride and responsibility in only providing the most secure, safe, reliable, and highest-standard accounts, as we understand our clients deserve the best and expect nothing less. All accounts are currently created on USA IP addresses.


    • Trade-Unlocked Accounts: $0.60 each - OSRS accounts that have bypassed the F2P trade restrictions. These accounts have accrued over 20 hours of in-game time, 10 quest points, and are over 100 skill total.  


    • Melee NMZ Starter Accounts: $5.70 each - OSRS accounts that have the quests completed to begin the Nightmare Zone. These accounts have the Dwarven rock cake, Bearhead, and at least 5 NMZ quests completed.
    • Spoiler
      - All accounts have the following NMZ quests completed: Fight Arena, Mountain Daughter, Tree Gnome Village, Vampyre Slayer, Witch's House, and Lost City.
      - All accounts have the following unique items: Bearhead (MTD) and Dwarven rock cake (RFD).
      - All accounts have random stats, adding up to over 320 skill total.
      - All accounts have 40+ Attack, 30+ Strength, and 43+ Prayer.
      - All accounts have 35 quest points or more.
      - All accounts have game membership.


    • Halo Accounts: $1.80 each - These accounts are fresh level 3's that have participated in the Castle Wars mini-game, enough to accrue the required number of tickets for a Halo (75). Which the customer (You) gets to pick!


    • Master Farmer Accounts: $9.90 each - These accounts have the full Rogue's outfit, 50 Agility, and 50 Thieving.
    • Spoiler
      - All accounts have the Rogue's Outfit.
      - All accounts have random stats, adding up to over 230 skill total.
      - All accounts have 50 Thieving and 50 Agility
      - All accounts have 10 quest points or more.
      - All accounts have game membership.


    • Zamorak Wine Accounts: $0.45 each - Wildy telegrab at the chaos altar. These accounts have 37 Magic, 20+ Hitpoints, 100+ skill total, and 10+ Quest points, and are f2p.


    • Hunter Accounts: $7.20 each - Red Chinchomp ready! These accounts have 63 Hunter and have the Eagle's Peak quest completed.
    • Spoiler
      - All accounts have 63 Hunter.
      - All accounts have the Eagle's Peak quest completed.
      - All accounts have game membership.


    • Air Orb Accounts: $2.40 each - Charge air orbs with These accounts that have 66 Magic and 50+ Hitpoints. These accounts are F2p.


    Go on! Come visit us! Origo.gg


    Still not satisfied? Run over to our discord where someone will gladly assist!



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    8 hours ago, thecloakdone said:

    Very nice site dude! looking forward to see how it turns out.Says you dont have any stock of unrestricted accounts? i would be interested in them when you have stock....

    • Thanks! More is constantly being added!! With even more soon to follow!
    • A notification is pushed out on discord when our stocks are updated. Lots of people snag them up, cant keep the supply highh enough!!
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