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  • Firemaking - detecting if fire is underneath/tile is able to have fire lit on it.


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    Hi all, I am in process of making my first WC/FM script and just finished up the firemaking section. One issue I foresee occurring (I haven't actually ran/tested any code yet) is attempting to light a fire on top of another fire or even a tile with a plant that prevents you from lighting a fire here. It's bed time unfortunately but if anyone has pointers on how to handle this it would be appreciated. 


    My current thought since I'm already designating an area is to designate a specific tile/area where I'm guaranteed to be able to light X fires in a row. Pretty sure that'll work but I am completely new to all this and would like to learn some alternatives.


    Additional questions for those interested in sharing their knowledge:

    1. Good resources on implementing anti-ban or what's the general census on this?

    2. Is there a "preferred" coding implementation (if-then vs switch, something different?)?

    3. Ties into question #2 - I'm planning on googling this but is there a way to write like a stored procedure and simply call on that opposed to writing 20 lines of code and having everything be a mess?

    4. Are any of the scripts open-source and if so, is there an easy means of accessing this? It helps to learn by being able to look at others code and see how they might handle things differently.

    5. Any other insights on best practices and avoiding bans?


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