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    Hey all,

    I've been going through the javadocs tirelessly trying to find any sort of pressKey or holdKey type functions with no luck.

    I know not everything DreamBot is in the docs (like setDrawMouse) so I thought I'd ask about it.

    If there isn't a method with the current API, is there something along the lines of this that I could do instead?

    (new KeyboardEvent(getClient().getInstance(), "", false)).pressSpecialKey(KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL);


    I want to be able to hold control and click at the same time to sprint.

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    You may be able to use something similar to this, though I haven't been able to test it.

    Instance instance = getClient().getInstance();
    Canvas canvas = instance.getCanvas();
    Inventory inventory = getInventory();
    canvas.dispatchEvent(new KeyEvent(canvas, KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, System.currentTimeMillis(), 0, KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL, KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED));
    canvas.dispatchEvent(new KeyEvent(canvas, KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED, System.currentTimeMillis(), 0, KeyEvent.VK_CONTROL, KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED));


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    1 hour ago, StonedFarmer said:

    You may be able to use something similar to this, though I haven't been able to test it.

    Thanks StonedFarmer, that gives me a good starting point. I'll report back if I figure out a working method.

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