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    DreamBot Break System Guide

    What is the break system?
    The break system is simply an automated system that will pause your script, log your character out and then break for a set interval. The built-in DreamBot break system works with most scripts, allowing you to run your bots 24/7 whilst still taking breaks for "sleep", "food", "toilet" etc.

    How do I configure it?
    Ensure you have your accounts added to the DreamBot client. You will need to add each break to each account as you see fit. Once you have your accounts added, head to

    Settings -> Manage Settings -> Break

    The Break UI



    The top left will list your accounts and the top right will show the breaks for the selected account. Click the account you wish to add a break for, and click "Add".
    Below will explain the settings you can set for the breaks, with some examples (you should change these values):

    Name: Toilet 2 - Enter a custom break name to help you remember
    Interval: 60 - The amount of time before a break will occur, i.e after 60 minutes
    Preset Hour: 2 - A timer starts on script start, and will take a break when it hits the preset hour, i.e 2 hours after script is started
    Preset Min: 25 - The same as above but for minutes, i.e 2 hours and 25 minutes.
    Duration: 120 - The length of the break in minutes, i.e the script will log out and pause for 2 hours.
    Use Preset Interval: Switches interval mode between "interval" and "preset interval". i.e must be set on "preset interval" for the preset timer settings to work. 

    Interval Options || Duration Options
    Deviate Interval/Duration - Ticked - This allows you to set a custom interval that the break can deviate by, i.e 10 in this box with a 1 hour duration would mean a break at 50 minutes or at 1 hour 10 minutes.
    Randomize - Ticked - (Recommended) This will randomise the above interval within your defined deviation, i.e every minute between 50 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes.


    Please note that not all scripts are fully compatible with the break system, and if in doubt you should always ask the developer of the script.

    I believe this guide is correct but if you notice something incorrect please let me know and I will gladly change the post!

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    Nice & simple guide. I'm sure it'll help some newcomers start setting breaks properly from the get-go. Remember to update this when DB3.0 comes out in case the UI layout changes ;)

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    • 5 months later...

    hey, so I've been looking at setting up breaks but noticed the UI is completely different to what it is in this guide? I tried to setup several breaks and wanted to have them run at random. For example: 

    Break 1 - toilet break - 5 - 10 
    Break 2 - AFK long - 20-40min
    Break 3 - Turned off and walked away - 60-200min 

    If I create 3 breaks with these intervals, I noticed that the breaks would not run in order one after the other, or even, at random. They all would happen as it comes. Meaning sometimes I had 2 or 3 break countdowns on the screen displaying at the same time xD 

    So let's say I wanted to have:
    Toilet Break - every 60-90min
    Long AFK - every 1h
    Very Long AFK - every 2-3h 

    Once I enable them all, they seem to initiate the 'Every' Between X and Y time at the same time and get triggered at the same time. If some of these overlap, then I end up having them breaking at the same time. Hope it makes sense. 

    I would want them to happen one after the other - in sequence. Or even better, randomly start counter and then initiate toilet break, then when it's done, start counter before break for Warm up  or other random break etc. 

    This would mimic a real person the most and indeed would be the safest. However with the new UI I can't figure out and can't seem to achieve this at all. What do you think guys?

    How do you guys achieve this with the new UI? 


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