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    Vape's Services

    JOIN DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/CxgHeT


    I am personally starting up an Old School Runescape service page, in which I will complete any task for you assuming that the price has been paid. For my first few orders, prices will be significantly cheaper than any other competitor due to having no reputation on DreamBot. Unless I am sleeping or doing something in real life, customers should expect a very quick response time, as I am serious about starting this business. I will do every single service that is purchased by hand, which is 100% guaranteed. My goal is to become a reputable service seller so in the future I can release my scripts that I have personally made, to further increase the chances of success. I believe that before someone purchases a service from anyone, the customer should have the right to know at least a little about the seller. My name is Alex, I am 19 years old, and I wrestle at a University. Finally, orders should be expected to be completed in the same day, unless the service that is purchased is very lengthy, such as going from 1 to 99 fletching. 



    As of now, since this is a new service that I am providing, customers should expect a significant cheaper pricing range than any other competitors. If this service begins to grow in popularity and gains more customers, a defined price will be assigned to each service that is purchasable. Prices will also be negotiable until more customers are gained. I prefer that all payments are made through Old School Runescape, specifically in Gold.


    Services that I provide:

    Services that I provide include, but are not limited to: questing (if prerequisites are not met for a particular quest, the price will increase as I have to do this),  any skill from any level to a certain goal, firecapes, combat training, and various minigames. 


    Contact Information:

    I prefer that customers message me on discord so that I can keep track of all orders that I have, and the orders that I have completed, easier. 

    Discord name: Vaping#1852 ***THIS NAME IS CASE SENSITIVE***


    Terms of Service (ToS):

    All customers must pay in full before a service can be started. Once a service/order is completed, no refunds will be allowed if the desired service is completed. I am not responsible for any ban that occurs on the account after the service has been completed. I will be completing the service 100% by hand. The order that a customer placed can be canceled by the customer within 2 hours, unless the service has already been started. Only I will be on your account during the entire time of doing/completing the service that is purchased. The customer will not be able to log in the account during the time of the service.








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    Hey dude, im in need of a 70 range account for testing some scripts (dont care about any other stats) how long/much would this take you?

    Yo, hit me up on discord @ Vaping#1852

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    Massive vouch for this guy, hand trained an account to 70 range incredibly quickly, went through in detail how he planned on levelling etc and provided regular updates. honestly couldnt of asked for a better experience. 

    Will defo be using again!

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