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    Good evening,

    I have alot of PC power, 3 different computers for different Mac address and can run virtual machines with edits to act like normal machine showing a legit graphics card unsure how much will be useful but I also have many proxys on various subnets and locations .


    I am looking to do the following make some new accounts (is their a script that makes new accounts? 

    Then I'd like to have a preferably a questing script that will quest / level the char up to the point it's a well rounded account that can be sold or used for a various of scripts like minning , combat, wc, smithing agility and so on. Hopefully directly from level 1. Aswell as a script that will go from level 1 to level straight combat .

    I'd like a plug-in that will swap realms swap tasks and maybe even swap accounts after periods of time is their anything like that I can be linked too.


    Finally I'd also be looking for a script that will do trade msgs along with a few on the safer side  money maker scripts that I could actually use after using the questing scripts or a combination of questing script + combat leveling or whatever else needed to make that script work and meet the requirements for it so the precursor scripts in relation to questing scripts I know some quests give rewards something about a cape and it gets u mid level ? I would also be interested in scripts that give titles and rankings / Bop items that would give value to an account.

    Thank you for ur time also how much is dreambot is the base version free ? Is their a paid upgrade version and how much and what are the perks.


    One other question how many bots per computer ? And how many bots per each IP / proxy ? 


    With scripts is it per account or is it per month or u buy it you own it, 


    Thank you very much for spending the time to link me to the right scripts along with the information on what to use ect.








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    Some things to keep in mind when looking for a new method:

    • Will you be interacting with players? If so, this will increase the risk getting reported
    • Is it commonly botted? (Aka a botting hotspot) If so, you are more likely to get banned
    • Are the requirements high? If not, you could either script or get someone to script a bot that gets the requirements for you
    • Is it scalable? For example, 10 bots generate an amount of items that wont 'crash' the item(s), but 25 bots will? (Take this with a pinch of salt)
    • Is it click intensive? If so, theres the chance that it could increase banrate

    These are just my opinion, good luck!

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