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  • Script continues running long after I stop it


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    I removed all while loops from my script that weren't completely necessary.

    This fixed my problem!

    Basically a log message continuously repeated like 5 mins after I stopped a script.

    Even when I straight up closed the tab it kept going until I exited-out of the entire client.

    Area fightAreaExit = new Area(2691, 3286, 2700, 3278, 0);
    while (!fightAreaExit.contains(getLocalPlayer()))
        log("Line 81");
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    49 minutes ago, logic0671 said:

    Code added.

    Your mistake is using the while loop in a script. You shouldn't be using it because the script only stops after finishing the current loop on your onLoop (which never does if you use a loop inside of it)

    The script already loops on the onLoop function, why are you using another loop inside it?

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    2 hours ago, logic0671 said:

    Ok, I understand.

    So nobody ever uses while loops inside of DB scripts?

    Also, do you have a suggestion of how I can re-write it?

    Its generally good practice to not use loops unless you absolutely need them
    If that code is all you have in the onLoop then you can just replace the while with an if

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