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    Hello all!


    Currently I have a script that tries to mine some ores, there are already a lot of scripts out there, but I tried one myself. Everything works fine, except for one minor thing. Currently my code keeps clicking on the same rock even though I have a different ID when that case is running. So e.g. it runs case 1 and mines rock 1, wich is good, but then that rock depletes and the debugger goes to rock 2, but it mines rock 1 again which is still depleted. This is my code where I call these ID's. Any Ideas on how to fix this?

    		case MINING1:
    			log("Mining northern");
    			GameObject myORE = getGameObjects().closest(gameObject -> gameObject != null && getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(north).getID() == 11364);
    			sleepUntil( () -> getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(north).getID() != 11364, Calculations.random(10000, 20000));
    		case MINING2:
    			log("Mining middle");
    			GameObject myORE2 = getGameObjects().closest(gameObject -> getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(middle).getID() == 11364);
    			sleepUntil( () -> getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(middle).getID() != 11364, Calculations.random(10000, 20000));
    		case MINING3:
    			log("Mining southern");
    			GameObject myORE3 = getGameObjects().closest(gameObject -> gameObject != null && getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(south).getID() == 11365);
    			sleepUntil( () -> getGameObjects().getTopObjectOnTile(south).getID() != 11365, Calculations.random(10000, 20000));


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