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Getting Banned - An Experiment

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From reading around, it seems as though Jagex have some "bot hotspots" in which they ban more frequently than elsewhere. 

Before I knew this, I wrote a Blast Furnace script automating the whole process levelling from 1-30 and using GE, Bonds etc.

My accounts have been banned diferrentially on the same IP and I wonder if anyone can pitch in their ideas?



Account 1 - Main

High level, many QP, lots of playtime. Ran the script for 3 weeks straight (it does breaks and sleeing automatically) and no ban. Running right now.

Thus the issue seems neither directly with the script, nor the client - though the former might be a contributing factor to the below bans.

Account 2 - Newbie

Fresh off Tutorial Island, used a bond, got banned after 2 days.

OK so grinding blast furnace on a new account is suspicious, but people have their alts so I don't think it's the fact that it's a new player alone.

Account 3 - Newbie-ish

Medium levels, 8 QP, not the first time being a members' account but hasn't been logged-in for a few years. Banned after 2 days.

Maybe it's to do with the timing of grinding the activity after getting a bond? Or perhaps the script itself is a bit jammy with levelling from 15-30. 

Further Experiments TBA

A less nooby F2P account

Doing other things in-between levelling Smithing 1-30 at BF; improving that part of the script



Additional result: Trading items to bots seems fine to some extent since the Main which gave them items is unbanned.

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18 minutes ago, Planetss said:

Are they all have the same settings? I'm surprised the main isn't been smacked yet

Kinda but not exactly. I wrote it such that each character has its own behaviour traits consistent to that character (think mouse movements, action orders, playing times), but otherwise they're doing the same thing.

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