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  • How to SleepUntil not in animation for at least X amount of time


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    Hi, newbie scripter here.

    I was wondering if there is any ways to get out of sleep only when the condition persists for X amount of time.

    For example, if 

    sleepUntil(()->!getLocalPlayer().isAnimating(), 5000);

    is used, then sleep breaks every time the crafting animation stops. I would like it to stop sleeping when the player is idle for 4 seconds uninterrupted for example.

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    Hey, to answer your question, you can do something like this to sleep until it has been 4 seconds since your character previously animated with a timeout of 30 seconds.

    final long[] lastAnimated = { System.currentTimeMillis() };
    sleepUntil(() -> {
        if (getLocalPlayer().isAnimating())
            lastAnimated[0] = System.currentTimeMillis();
        return System.currentTimeMillis() - lastAnimated[0] >= 4000;
    }, 30000);

    However, I've hardly ever had to use anything like this. Are you sure this wouldn't be sufficient for your needs?

    sleepUntil(() -> getDialogues().inDialogue() || !getInventory().containsAll(REQUIRED_ITEMS_HERE), 30000);

    This way your script would continue either after 30 seconds or when you're in dialogue (level up, for example) or your character no longer has the required items in inventory.

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    Ty, it's exactly what I needed! I have some specific actions that can't rely on inventory checks so that's why I wanted some kind of catch all method to detect when actual clicks are needed.

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