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  • Snippet #2 - WebFinder Helper: Climb Node


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    Here's a helper method I put together for quickly adding climbing nodes like ladders, trapdoors and stairs. It lets you use native path-finding to do the climbing automatically. Based on an example from Nuclear Nezz and boiled down to a one-line invocation.

    • Works for any objects with 'Climb-up' or 'Climb-down' actions by default. Extend the example if you need something else.
    • Requires that the 'down' location has a Y co-ordinate > 9000 and is still on Z = 0. This is most dungeons. It isn't going up/down the Z-axis like in buildings.
    • When your script stops your nodes are automatically removed afaik, but I still like to call getWalking().getWebPathFinder().clearCustomNodes() when done.
    • Warning: You need to put nodes at least 5 tiles away from other web nodes or you'll break things.


    buildClimbingNode("Asgarnian Ice Dungeon", "Trapdoor", new Tile(3009, 3148, 0), "Ladder", new Tile(3009, 9550, 0));



    public boolean buildClimbingNode(String Name, String whatDown, Tile tileDown, String whatUp, Tile tileUp){
            AbstractWebNode downNode = new ClimbNode(Name, whatDown, "Climb-down", tileDown.getX(),tileDown.getY(), WebNodeType.BASIC_NODE);
            AbstractWebNode upNode = new ClimbNode(Name, whatUp, "Climb-up", tileUp.getX(), tileUp.getY(), WebNodeType.BASIC_NODE);
            CustomWebPath path = new CustomWebPath(true, downNode, upNode);
            AbstractWebNode startingNode = main.getWalking().getWebPathFinder().getNearest(tileDown, 30);
            int startingNodeID;
            if(startingNode == null || (startingNodeID = main.getWalking().getWebPathFinder().getId(startingNode)) < 0){
                return false;
            return true;



    public class ClimbNode extends AbstractWebNode{
        protected final String Name;
        protected final String Action;
        protected final String What;
        public ClimbNode(String nodeName, String climbWhat, String climbAction, int x, int y, WebNodeType webNodeType) {
            super(x, y, webNodeType);
            this.Name = nodeName;
            this.What = climbWhat;
            this.Action = climbAction;
        public boolean isValid() {
            return true;
        public boolean execute(MethodContext ctx) {
            if(ctx.getLocalPlayer().distance(super.getTile()) > 2){
                return super.execute(ctx);
            GameObject climbObject = ctx.getGameObjects().closest(this.What);
            if(climbObject != null){
                if(climbObject.interact(climbObject.hasAction("Open") ? "Open" : this.Action)){
                    ctx.sleepUntil(()->ctx.getLocalPlayer().getY() > 9000, Calculations.random(2000,3000));
            return ctx.getLocalPlayer().getY() > 9000;
        public String toString() {
            return  Name + " " + What + " " + Action;


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    My understanding is PathObstacle is for things like jumping fences around the existing node web.

    The dungeons in the Y>9000 range aren't on the node web at all. Pathfinding has no understanding of how to get there without a WebNode.

    Happy to be proven wrong though!

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    Nevermind, I read the thing wrong. Yes you do need something like this for the obstacles. I rather call them teleports because its what they really are though

    Also, afaik pathobstacle only relies on local path walking

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