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  • Report Against LycentheDead for Ban Evading


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    Good afternoon everyone, 

    Throughout the last week I've been looking into a member of DreamBot and Sythe who goes by the name of LycentheDead and Exxistential. I was able to put the connection together when i was on Sythe and conducted an IP Audit on both accounts. Found out the birthdays matched, interests matched, even the join dates where almost identical. I reported him on Sythe for scamming/harassment but because he paid back the money owed within 48 hours they deemed him okay. 
    After talking to him more on Discord he felt the need to rub it in my he is still very much a member of DreamBot and has been ban evading for almost 3 years. Even getting the rank of Scripter.
    After doing a little bit of home work i've got suspicion to believe the user @Kairo is very very much LycentheDead and has been evading for coming on 2+ years now.

    I will post some screenshots now to support my findings.
    Screenshots of him showing me hes still very much on Dreambot

    Screenshots of a Sythe mod ABM aka Pikachu confirming Lycen is indeed Exxistential

    Now heres a bit more evidence i dug up that i found to be very very interesting


    Now i don't believe in coincidence at all so the fact that an account Kairo aka a scripter goes to view LycentheDeads profile when no one else has viewed it since July of 2019 on the same day i accused him of this, that just screams evader!

    I will link the original post that was on Sythe reporting him as well for such things. 


    Please let me know if i can provide anymore information.

    Thanks, Chefy

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    Just noticed this. I clicked the link from the Sythe report like everyone else? Not sure what you mean. I've only ever really interacted with Roma for his quester

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    No. No. You wouldn’t have shown up as a viewer on April.1st  when this report was posted April.4th buddy ol pal. 



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    What i'm trying to say is that interacting with the Sythe report is far fetched. The report on Sythe had nothing to do with DreamBot until a decision was ruled on it.
    Once i got confirmation from ABM aka Pikachu that Exxistential is Lycenthedead, and the comments about still being on DreamBot ban evading is when i decided to fill out a report as ban evading is against Dreambots rules and there is a reason its been 2+ years with your ban appeal still sitting there in limbo.

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    You do realize there has only been like max 9 users viewing the sythe report, and i could imagine at max 9 users actually clicking Lycens profile (should even be less). ON top of that, i highly doubt all of these people has a dreambot account as well as an account with a scripter rank. The chance some scripter shares same interests as a banned user on sythe (Lycen, which is proven to be exxistential) is very slim which makes it understandable that this is not a coincidence (ALSO remember this is between approximately 9 users...), We do know that Exxistential has a current dreambot account who is a scripter which makes it logical to assume you're exxistential (this was between 9 users, not to mention that we could see in the screenshot that exxistential shows he has a scripter rank and lycen, kairo & exxistential has anime as pfp which shows they have something in common) and not to mention the coincidence above chefy provided. in the sythe report its pretty much proven lycen is exxistential and there is already a sythe mod verifying it. Lycen and Kairo does also share similar activities (both of them bots). Im also very skeptical how only ONE user ended up viewing lycens profile (lets face that the other 8 didnt really click or didnt have a dreambot account lol) and since exxistential is the one with a dreambot account that is ranked as a scripter its fairly understandable its him.
    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/693536098147893339/695786050718793748/image0.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/693536098147893339/694877803950112798/image0.png
    lycens activity: 


    karios discord pfp:

    exxistential previous pic:


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    Im not really sure what you mean.. I am sorry if I have done something to offend you?

    Im kind of confused by what is going on. I can take a call on Discord from @Articron if needed to discuss this. Didnt mean to get involved in something if I did. I'm only here to use good scripts rofl

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    After investigation and some teamwork with Sythe we've got pretty substantial evidence that Kairo is indeed Lycen.

    We've banned him. Thanks for the report.

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