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      Revelo Worldwalker

    Presenting you my first published Script. Its a Worldwalker which supports F2P & P2P locations.

      It will recieve constant updates in the future,  i am always open to take any suggestions

    There should be no bugs, tested every location. But if you encounter any Bugs please let me know on Discord:  TheRevelo#5716








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    -Catherby as location

    -Seers Village as location

    -East Ardougne as location

    -Rellekka as location

    -Tree Gnome Stronghold as location

    -Port Khazard as location

    -Yanille as location


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    Just downloaded, gonna try it out.  I have problems with some other world walkers using too much processing power.  Hoping this is a bit better!  Does this support quickstart? If not, is it possible to implement?

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    Script seems to work well, I like it so far!  I reallly only use walking scripts to send bots back to the GE, I've always wanted a walking script that I can just start, and it sends the account to the GE.  If this supports quickstart to GE, then this would be amazing!


    Anyways, nice work!

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