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    Hello, I just have recently gotten into botting. I am trying to build up bots by hand ( i know ineffective but hoping to lower ban rates). I am currently botting f2p things but am willing to invest into p2p methods once I can determine I am able to level and use my bots in a way that minimize bans. I am using a proxy as I do also have a main account on my home IP and do not want to risk getting it banned .My question is, how do you discover methods of botting. Everything I can find are widespread, well known, botting activities. These are things I am trying to avoid. Also, is nuking accounts better than trying to long-con accounts. My plan is establish a baseline accounts that look like they were player leveled, then use a second proxy to use as a nuking IP through various methods.


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    1. Suicide botting has just become pretty much impossible in F2P because of restrictions placed on new F2P accounts, so you would have to either build up accounts or pay for members.

    2. Using a cheap proxy (that is most likely already flagged) will increase ban rates and get accounts locked, so you have to be careful with that.

    3. No one will tell you what they bot, or even how they find new botting methods because it would affect their own profits. You will just have to experiment on your own and find what works and what doesn't.

    4. Suicide botting vs high level accounts, it depends.

    Suicide botting is now only viable in P2P, so you would have to factor in the price of membership and determine if you can even make the money back before the account is banned.

    Long-term high levels accounts can make you a lot of money, but they also require a significant time investment to make, and it would be a big blow if/when they get banned.

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    Okay. From what I am able to gather its really just trial and error. Seeing what works and what doesn't and determining cost-analysis b/w nuking and high level accs. Thanks for the input.

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