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  • Bot farms - Windows vs Linux Host OS ban rates (and other information collection)

    Bot Tom Frag

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    This is a two part discussion/question.

    Part 1:
    Just wondering if anyone has run a larger botfarm on both Linux and Windows, around the same time with similar or same scripts and noticed a difference in banrates? I'm going to be deploying a farm soon that I could choose to run on either type of OS. It gave me the idea of A/B testing two different OS's and seeing if it made a difference in banrate.

    It's a bit of a stretch but if I remember correctly the jvm stores OS information, and if the game-client could somehow retrieve that information from the jvm, it could flag accounts as suspicious (I imagine the majority of legit players play off Windows or OSX, whereas I imagine farms tend to run on linux distros).

    Has anyone looked into this or ever tested this? Or is there some guarantee that the gameclient can't pull this information?

    Part 2:
    While thinking about Part 1, I realized that an important question to ask is the broader question of: What does the game client, and therefore Jagex, have access to information-wise? Could the client pull information such as network interfaces and their MAC IDs? I'll probably skim through their privacy policy at some point, but strictly technologically speaking (assuming they don't need to disclose certain things in their privacy policy), what could they have access to?


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    They do grab OS information. If I remember right, it's not too detailed as to specific versions, they basically assign ID's to various versions of the 3 main operating systems, windows, mac, and linux. I don't believe they check the flavors of linux, but they do have a few different id's for windows and mac.

    They also check your java version, the number of cores, I think, of your cpu, the max ram you have, and I think that's all, but I'm just going off memory at the moment.

    They *can* check for mac address, but they don't.

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