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VS Code environment setup

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Does anyone have link me to a working tutorial, or patience to describe setting up vs code environment? Couldn't find one thats existing, and using eclipse is way harder.

in eclipse you can do in trough UI, but all threads on forums about linking external library to VS code want me to modificate .classpath files, which i cant even find.


Love ya, future master-of-scripts.


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The .classpath is in your folder.



But generally VSCode ask you if you want to hide these files. If not they should appear in your explorer view.


Use this Plugin to create Java projects:

Java Dependency Viewer


Or read this tutorial:


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Yea, might be a thing, lucky thing i've got another problem.

I've set up Java project, but i can't export it to .jar file to test the script. Tried to use maven, as it is advised by most ppl on forums, but when i try to make quickstart (and any other) project archetype i get following error:

Error: JAVA_HOME not found in your environment.
Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
location of your Java installation.

Can't figure out how to access JAVA_HOME and progress any further. :/

Any solution is good, but i'd prefer to work in vanilla java bc of no experience with it, only JavaScript.

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19 minutes ago, ReVity said:

Can you tell me what kit are you using then? I'm open to suggestions, was thinking that vscode is a good idea because working on JavaScript is smooth and the names are similar 😁


The names might be similar but they are pretty far from the same.  If you look into the history of JS it was originally called something else but no one used it because it was garbage.  Java had started for boom so they renamed it in a shitty (but successful) marketing ploy to draw users to thier language. 


I suggest using Eclipse or IntelliJ.  While you can use VSCode it is definitely more focused on web apps.  Unless you have a lot of experience compiling Java applications by hand this can be a bitch vs just compiling with Eclipse / IntelliJ.  NetBeans is also a good option but tends to get more hate because its considered a beginers IDE and not used by any relevant companies. 


If you do decide taking the VSCode route and dont want to fuck with compiling every time you make a change I would consider looking into making a build script. It's a simple couple line shell script you can call to build applications for you.  Basically just write the same commands you would use to normally compile the application then write them on each line of the build.sh file.  Whenever you want to build call build.sh and boom it shits out a jar.

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