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    Hello everyone I've recently gotten into scripting but I do have a background in Java. I was making a simple WC bot, but I am having trouble having the bot actually deposit the items. 

    My code is as follows.

    if(!BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).contains(getLocalPlayer()))// Check to see that I am not in the bank area. 
                    getWalking().walk(BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getCenter());//Walks to Bank
                    sleepUntil(()-> BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).contains(getLocalPlayer()),15000);// Sleeps until I am there or 15 seconds have passed
    if(getBank().isOpen()) //makes sure it is open
                    getBank().depositAllItems();// Should deposit all items IE logs
                    sleepUntil(()->getBank().depositAllItems(),5000); // waits until process is over or after 5 seconds
                    getBank().close(); //should close the bank haven't gotten to this point yet. 
                    //getBank().deposit("Logs"); // Something I also tried and did not see success with. 
    else// bank is not open
                {//walks over and opens the closest bank


    I assume that a problem could be the back to back if loops but even when I put in a simple sleep(100) it still did not work, any help would be appreciated. 


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    Try to avoid doing multiple things at once. Do one thing then end the loop (return)


    public class Main extends AbstractScript {
        public void onStart() {
        public int onLoop() {
            if (!getBank().isOpen()) { // checks if banking window is not open
                if (getInventory().contains("Bones")) {
                    getBank().deposit("Bones"); // deposit one bone
                    return Calculations.random(2500, 10000);
                } else {
                    getBank().close(); // no more bones in inventory so closing banking window
                    return Calculations.random(1000, 5000);
            } else {
                getBank().open(getBank().getClosestBankLocation()); // walks to closest bank and opens banking window
                return Calculations.random(3000, 10000);


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