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    Thinking about buying a dedicated server, and selling windows servers out for a small price $4/1GB, and so on.


    Why so cheap? Exactly what I put on the title "Learning" so whatever issues y'all have and report back to me I'll fix for my own experience. I'm only doing this for myself, and to help out members here at Dreambot. Also it's to make sure I can keep up with the expenses of the dedicated server monthly, and will not be buying more than one dedicated server for a while so limited spots are open. 


    This is only an IDEA and I want people's opinions on whether or not I should do this, and who would be interested in helping me out whenever I get it rolling. I will not have a website, and the primary contact will be on here, and discord for any issues.


    Plan Ideas:

    Small: $4.00/Month 1GB, 1 Core, 30GB Disk Space

    Medium: $8.00/Month 2GB, 2 Core, 50GB Disk Space

    Big: $12.00/Month 3GB, 3 Core,  70GB Disk Space

    Massive: $16.00/Month 4GB, 4 Core, 80GB Disk Space

    NOTE: If you are using it for botting, and get banned and want another IP it'll cost $3.50 for another IP.


    Additional Options:

    Extra Core: $2.00 one time charge

    IP: $3.50 for any additional IP's






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    What you need to know is that there is a lot of competition and really hard competition in this field you're going to take on.

    Opening a VPS Company that sells to botting users is a really micro niche, you'll earn money but you'll lose far more. People go with companies like contabo for cheap VPSs these days.

    Another thing you should know, is that opening a VPS company isn't easy.. you should know UNIX and how to deal with problems that arise with the VPSs, and factors like:

    1) Protection (You need a really good software to protect your dedicated servers like: Imunify360, CSF, etc etc.. but even with a good software that detects malicious activity you should also know how to deal with it yourself.

    2) Dealing with abuse (Phishing, Malware)

    3) Dealing with fraudulent orders (In the Server world, unfortunately fraud is really at the top of responsibilities and it happens A LOT)

    4) Customer support

    5) Software updates and System administrator jobs in general.

    and so much more..


    I hope this helped.

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