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  • requested implementation of missing methods in DepositBox

    Empyrean GB

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    Hello developers.

    Both the Bank and DepositBox have a multitude of deposit method. However they do not have the same methods. The one I'm mainly missing is the 'DepositAllExcept(Filter filter)' method in the Depositbox.

    Could we get this method implemented please? It can be useful for bots that use stand alone deposit boxes like the one in port saramin.


    The missing methods in Bank:

    -depositAll(Item item)


    The missing methods in DepositBox:

    -depositAllExcept(Filter filter)

    -depositAllExcept(String... names)

    -depositAllExcept(Integer... ids)


    One inconsistent name:

    Bank.depositAllEquipment() vs DepositBox.depositWornItems


    In the case that this change is found to be agreeable. can we mishaps slap an interface on the Bank/DepositBox objects for these methods so a reference of them can be used after opening for a generic method method?



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    I've added the missing methods, as well as deprecated the worn items and added in depositAllEquipment (nice catch)

    I agree that there should be a common class as their parent, I might not get that done on this next release, but I will add it on to my todo list.


    Thanks for the suggestions. :)

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    Glad that you are willing to look into it. I got an own implementation for now but I'll refactor it out later. I mean I think me having container classes basically mapping methods to an existing class is kinda ugly lol.

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