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  • New Dragon Ball series, set to debut JULY!


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    New anime series 'Dragon Ball Chou' (Dragon Ball Super), to debut this July!


    I'm a avid anime fan, some of my favorite include One Piece, and Cow Bowbebop.


    Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z might be lacking in some areas, but are hands down my all time favorite. There is just so much nostalgia when I watch them, because I would wait every week for them to air on Toonami, when I was a kid. Its similar to how I feel when I play Runescape!


    I didn't like Dragon Ball GT very much, It just didn't have the same feel as the others. I think that is largely because, Akira Toriyama (Creator of DB & DBZ) didn't work on the show.


    I have high hopes for this new series though! Akira Toriyama will be directing this series, and he hasn't lost his touch at all!

    If you haven't heard or seen the new DBZ movies he released (DBZ: Battle of the Gods, & DBZ: Resurrection of F), they have got great reviews and I really enjoyed watching Battle of the Gods. 


    Anyways, post what your thoughts are on the new series? Any other DB fans out there?

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    Even though I'm pretty old now, I can still remember my childhood vividly and all those DragonBall series and all the eager times when I would literally wait for the next episode to come on. :P


    I'm excited

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    I just started getting into anime and have been watching One Piece for the past week and LOVE IT. Have any other recommendations? 

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