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    Hello everyone,

    I've created this thread to keep track of my progress of learning to script and whether or not I can use it to make a side income from selling gold. A little about me, I'm not a programmer by trade but I did go to school for Computer Science, I focused on Web Development and C# so while I have a basic understanding of programming I haven't done it in a few years and I have no knowledge of Java. I currently teach English remotely and am finished by 7:30am for the day so I have plenty of time to put towards learning what I need. This project started on 02/19/2019.


    No Proxy: 16 Accounts made, 3 Active, 13 Banned

    Proxy:  6 Accounts made, 3 Active, 3 Banned

    Cash Stack: 6.0m

    The Plan

    The plan is to learn the basics of scripting first by making some fairly easy f2p scripts. Once I get a couple working pretty well that I can leave running all night without anything going wrong I plan on becoming VIP so I can bot more than just 2 accounts at once. After I finish creating the list of F2p scripts I have I plan on either purchasing a bond to start my first P2p script or just look into purchasing accounts with a few days of membership already on them. The scripts I'm making for the F2p accounts aren't pretty, I'm not doing to lie. They aren't optimized, parts are repeated, I'm only using AbstractScript, I'm putting everything in the main classes, I'm not even making new folders or projects in IntelliJ, I'm simply just adding a new class and changing the Manifest so it outputs as a separate script.

    The List




    • Potato Picker
    • Feather Buyer
    • Power Miner
    • Power Chopper
    • Gold Miner and Banker
    • Yew Chopper and Banker
    • Furnace Gold Crafter
    • Varrock Firemaker
    • Team Cape Buyer (Not sure which capes yet)
    • Nature Rune Telegrabber
    • Zammy Wine Telegrabber

    The Results

    Day 1:

    I watched and read a few of the tutorials in the scripting section and then made my first 3 accounts. One I created on my VPN and it as instantly locked so I turned off the VPN and created 2 more accounts. I won't include the first account in my stats but I thought I should include it here. I then made my first script, a simple potato picker. The script walks from the bank, picks potatoes, and walks back to the bank, super complicated right. This was my first attempt at anything and it now checks if the inventory is full, if we're at the bank, if the banks open, walking, and a simple paint. After a while I was able to get the script to run pretty smoothly and I haven't made any changes to it since. This script brings in about 20k/hr so not bad for my first script.

    Day 2:

    I attempted my 2nd script, one that buys and opens feather packs. This was my first look at interacting with an NPC, opening a shop, buying, logging out if stock was under a certain amount, and logging out if we don't have certain things in our inventory. I only used this script once and made about 100k. These scripts aren't about the money I make, more so whether or not I can make them. I also started my 3rd script but did not finish it, I'll explain why in the next day. The unfinished script if a firemaking script that checks your firemaking level, switches the logs it's using accordingly, and teleports to the area to start firemaking. I had a problem with it checking if I could cast a teleport since I was wearing a staff and didn't have the runes but I just grabbed the runes as a quick fix. I may look into getting it to work with a staff after I go back to working on it. I may revisit this once I get the hang of things.

    Day 3:

    My two accounts were banned, I had them picked potatoes for 10 hours both night 1 and night 2, they made around 1.2-1.4m total so that's not bad for two accounts that took a couple minutes to make. During day 3 I created two more accounts and did the most scripting I've done so far. I created a basic power miner that checks for people around you and hops if needed, starts with all the pickaxes and drops the ones it no longer needs, keeps track of exp gained, and can start anywhere and can mine multiple ores depending on what's around it. I then started a gold smithing script that banks and uses the Falador furnace and Falador West bank. It's not completed as I can't get it to wait for the animation to stop before attempting to smith again. I watched the tutorial that is in the forums but my script is a bit different so I can't get it perfect. It has a sleep until the player isn't animating but every once and a while it starts again when it loops back around and catches it at the very end of the smithing animation. I'll look into it a bit later though. I also made my first money maker, which gave me a surprising amount of problems. It's a script that mines gold ore and banks it, I had a lot of trouble getting the script to not end up in areas that it didn't recognize and stuff like that but it's working fine now. The only problem I have is with the paint, the ores mined is off slightly but that's an easy fix and the ores and exp per hour is staying at 0. Overall though it works pretty well, I was able to run it on 2 accounts all night this night and make around 1.4m so that's double what I was making from potato picking.

    Day 4:

    I made a total of 4 new accounts today. One without a proxy and 3 with a proxy. Set them all up to mine gold ore, it was going pretty well until I woke up. My first 2 gold miners were banned, I expected that to be honest, I had botted each one of them about 30 hours and they've only been up for about two days. What I didn't expect was that all 3 of the accounts I set up on the proxy were banned by morning. They hadn't even made it 12 hours, I wonder if that has something to do with them being on a proxy. The accounts are created through a browser with the same proxy as I ran them on, the IPs never actually switch to anything else. I plan on making more both on and off the proxy to check and see what happens to each. Sucks that they all got banned, I only made 500k today. If all accounts would have made it, it would have been closer to 3m.

    Day 5:

    Today was a pretty good day, I made 4 new accounts and set them to mining gold. They lasted all through the night before they got banned, netting me an extra 3.4m! It may not seem like much but it brings up my cash stack to 6m and lets me buy the items needed for my scripts and buy tutorial island completed accounts saving me a ton of time. I fully expected these 4 accounts to get banned so it's not a big deal. Today I started what I call a F2p Starter script, when it's complete it should power mine to 41 mining, power chop to 61 woodcutting, get 5 crafting with leather, and get 40 crafting with gold smithing. So far it only power chops right now but it's still being worked on. It's also my first attempt at using nodes.

    Day 6:

    I purchased my first 10 accounts today and plan on using them to finish my F2p Starter script. Today I added between 4 and 7 areas for each type of tree: normal trees, oaks, and willows. When the script starts it picked a random area for each one and once we've reached the required level it moves to the next area, it also drops axes it doesn't need once it reaches the correct level. I was also able to add the powermining section, it grabs an area for either Copper and Tin or Iron depending on our level and walks to the area. I never realized how hard it is to mine in F2p, every area is completely packed. I was also able to add a world hopper, it checks if there are players within a certain distance of us and then checks if we are in the chopping or mining area and then hops. That way we won't hop when we are banking to get pickaxes, axes, etc. I didn't make any accounts do anything other than test the script so no gold gain today.

    Day 7:

    My F2p starter script is coming along pretty well, all I need to do is finish the gold crafting part. I've gotten quite a few bans on the accounts I'm using it on but I expected that. I did have a player tell me that I was the only non bot in the area because he "Looked me up on the highscores and knew I was a good one" so that's pretty good I guess. It at least fools some players. I made 3 more accounts on my proxy and have gotten those set up. I made a new script too and made about 2m from it last night. It has no requirements and is completely F2p. I don't plan on updating this every day anymore because it would get too long. I'll start doing weekly updates at the end of this week.


    Week 2:

    This week I focused on my first useful P2p money making script. The account I used to it actually made it almost 2 weeks without bans. I was only making about 300k/hr but I was proud of it. I spend the gp I made on more accounts and testing other various small scripts I worked on. Nothing too important really happened this week besides making some money and buying a few extra accounts.


    Week 3:

    This week I made a lot of money. I ended up making bringing my cash stack up to about 60m using various small scripts I made, my one money maker that was working really well, and ManlyFletcher. I got 2 accounts to 90 fletching before bans with it, it's an awesome script. I spent this weekend working on my new script which makes around 250-600k/hr, it's pretty rng based. I also bought around 20 more accounts so I'm up to about 30ish accounts that are ready to run for the rest of the month. My goal is to sell around 250m by the end of June, so 2 weeks left. My script is at the point where it can run all night with no bugs so week 4 starts the optimizing of the script and setting up and extra 1 or 2 accounts a day. I'm super excited for this script, it's my first big script that makes a decent amount of money. There's still a lot to do but my goal for the week is to optimize the script and have 10 accounts running with it throughout the day and 10 more throughout the night.


    Thanks for following my journey, if you plan on responding I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering.

    1.  What's the process that you usually follow when creating your scripts? I know everyone has a different process.

    2. Do you prefer Abstract or Task script?

    3. Do you have any recommendations on scripts to make, F2p or P2p? Like stated above, it's not about making money or anything, it's more focused on creating the actual scripts.

    4. Any other advice would be appreciated.

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    Glad to see another person coming to learn to script! :) You'll find that knowing programming in general will be very helpful for your learning process. Makes it a lot easier.

    1. I tend to break it down into super basic steps, separate each of the "areas" eg: banking, attacking, buying, selling, whatever, then I make a structure on it and have at it. In most cases (at this point) I can write 90% of a script without logging into the game, I just have to log in to get the data of Tiles and whatnot.

    Bonus points if you actually do the task yourself for a bit, just to get a feel as to how you "should" be scripting it towards.

    2. AbstractScript for me, it offers a lot more control, plus you can make your own node system in about 5 minutes.

    3. I'd suggest making a simple script, and then building on that. For example, take your power chopper, make it so that it'll move trees as it gains levels.

    When that's done, have it bank certain trees (like oaks) so that you can eventually sell them for better axes.

    Have it upgrade axes (or drop lesser axes if you have a better axe in inventory)

    Have it automatically sell the logs, when you're able to.

    Once you have that, you can go more complex with that script (adding other skills in to swap to every so often) or you can repeat that process with another skill. Maybe find something that has a bit longer of a bank path, so you can get more of a handle on walking.

    4. Stick with it ;) Botting can be super frustrating, because it's very heavily trial and error. If something isn't working (and you get banned) try again, but change something small in it. Repeat this process until "Hey I've lasted a week and haven't been banned!"

    This process could take months. This is why a lot of goldfarmers give up, they think "This will be easy money" and then get banned for 4 months and give up, not realizing that they could have figured out the solution in the next 2 weeks. I realize you're not in it for the money, but the same thing applies to scripting and training accounts (for higher level scripts)

    If you have any questions on the API, you're free to send me a message as well. It might take me a day or two to respond, sometimes I'm not able to check the forums every day.

    Same goes with suggestions or bugs you find. :)


    Edit: Side note, if you want me to know you reply to anything I post, either tag me with @ or quote the post. :)

    Welcome  to DreamBot!

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    Yeah, I got pretty frustrated yesterday when I was making the gold miner, the walking kept putting it in odd places that would break the script. I spent about 3 hours watching it and making adjustments for the various spots it would get stuck in, I ended up getting it to work and it's been running pretty well for about 20 hours and 2 different accounts. I fully expect to be banned a ton while doing this, especially as I start scripts since I'm still figuring stuff out and it doesn't look good until everything is finished, even then it's questionable. 

    I may have not been a scripter but I know goldfarming isn't a quick and easy thing to set up. Back when Nexus bot was a thing I was bringing in about 500m+ and that took over a month to get to that point, getting the gold, selling, expanding, etc.

    I appreciate all the advice you gave me and the offer to message you if I need help.

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