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    Hey Guys, 

    Hope all is well. This community feels welcoming so I figured to make a thread to introduce myself and address some issues that I have. 

    I go by "saFe" and I'm fairly new to botting. I did some botting when I was a kid, 10+ years ago and never had an issue.

    The last 3 days, I have gone through 9 different accounts lol. Some accounts I would bot on for literally 10 mins and log off. Just to test it. And yet, for some reason, a few hours later the account is banned. Not sure what I am doing wrong or what I need to do.

    It seems like no matter how long I bot for I will always be "caught" lol. Any advice? Would proxies help? I have never tapped into those..

    -- Just a bot looking for some bot help :) 

    Greatly Appreciate it. 


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    I would say change your ip address first things first, they are watching it now.. Don't bot fresh accounts and only use paid for scripts 8-10 hours a day

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    I highly doubt you ran a script for just 10 minutes and got banned unless you botted the tutorial island or were using a dicer and got muted. 

    Really the best advice I can give you is don't bot on accounts you don't want banned.  If you are just starting off your best bet is to suicide bot until you can figure out what works best for you.  Setting up breaks, and investing in premium/private scripts can also help lower ban rates.  Botting common task such as chicken killing, and wood cutting have high ban rates etc.

    Running with proxies will help avoid all of your bots getting smacked at once / add a layer of security for your main account or mules if you are really worried about them.  Since you are a free user and can only run 2 tabs I wouldn't worry about it.  Really this will just be a lot of trail and error for you to figure out what works best.  Depending on what you are going for this could be a long process.  If you are looking to bot to 99's you will need to invest a lot more time finding schedules/scripts that work the best for you compared to someone suicide botting chicken/cow killers.

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