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  • hellraiser401 75m scam


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    So to preface this whole interaction, hellraiser401 (Caleb#2262) on discord, was a mod in both my discord server and my twitch stream. Over some time we had become friendly and he had helped me with many aspects of my stream. We would literally talk runescape and personal matters every single day for over a month. Long story short, I thought I had made a good friend and someone who liked runescape as much as I did. So we have done many previous paypal transactions that had gone nothing short of perfect. This last time I went first because I trusted this person as i would a friend and firstly he told me that he was having issues with his paypal. Being that he was my friend I gave him the benefit of the doubt and didnt panic or freak out. He said he would need some time to call paypal and straighten things out. 

    This is where he starts to lead me to believe something is wrong with his paypal. 


    This next one I still assured him it was ok if there was genuinely a problem with his paypal and gave him even more time.



    This next one led me to believe he really was working on a fix for the problem by calling paypal.



    Here is a video of him saying hes "trying" to pay me. At this point i suggested many other options of payment, easy options  to set up if he was able to use paypal. (this has my name in it so if you could hide it somehow id appreciate it.



    At this point I began to become suspicious because it had been 2 days that id given him and he couldve easily set up venmo in that time or returned the gold.




    Here is when I basically knew:


    Now when confronted in the nex discord this was the response, and note that he says he doesnt buy gold he bots it when clearly you tried to buy gold from me and have before in the past:


    After this he left the discord server honestly just making himself look even more guilty. He has since blocked me on EVERYTHING changed his rs name a bunch of times. I know for a fact he is still botting though and i was told to include this in my dispute by Ben and all the staff who really went above and beyond. 



    I truly dont even care about the money it just feels weird to have trusted this person who im not even sure is who they say they were anymore. If mods need anything else ill be around for sure.



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