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Buying simple autoclicker with intervals click.

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Its in the title but I'll explain more , the script needs to do the following:

1.Click the exact location I left the mouse in.

2.Be able to add "extra random delay" so lets say if I want it to click every 1 second, so I want to be able to add random delay every click, lets say between 400ms second to 2 seconds so in result the script for example click the same spot in 0.6, 1.8, .1.2 etc....

3.The script needs to ignore any random events, because if you afking you obviously don't care about the random events and when the client goes off to dismiss it right when it appears, it kinda feel unsafe to me so I'd rather avoid any other interaction in the game but the clicking.

4.The script needs to be able to rest for like a random 90 seconds after between 45min to 1 hour in random ofcourse, for example if I'll be alching for 50min it will stop to rest for around 45 seconds to 90 seconds.I want to be able to do other things while I autoclick so I don't want to use the normal autoclicker, I also don't wanna use the alcher scripts too they got me banned even tho I only botted for like 5-6 hours per day with breaks.

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2 hours ago, ohad152 said:

please read the whole post before you comment.

To not take over your mouse, you can run it on a different machine or use a VM.

AutoHotkey ia an free, easy,  scriptable program you can use for this.


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