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    Hey guys, I've got banned in the first few hours of my account creation, I would really appreciate some advice on what I did wrong:

    1. Bought a VPS from a Virmach

    2. Bought Dedicated proxies from Blazing Proxies

    3. Bought Dreambot VIP

    4. Created account using a proxy

    5. Did a tut island manually

    6. Transfered 4m from my main, not by trading, but by dropping

    7. Bought a bond and instantly did waterfall quest

    8. Bought a paid rock crabs script from Dreambot

    9. After around 10 hours I started the script

    10. It went for about 2 and a half hours and then got permanently banned. Also a noteworthy thing that I saw a person sending me a trade invite, maybe he reported me or something. Also I was botting during the Jagex work hours I think.


    Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

    I've read somewhere that it is best to use residential proxies? And using the private proxies actually makes you more prone to get banned? Then the rock crabs script that I actually bought to me personally was really easy to detect, the character was just going to the crabs one by one without any human pauses instead of afk'ing the crabs like normal people do.

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    There's been discussion about residential vs non.  Letting new accounts rest vs not.  My advice would be to bot a max of 2 hours at first.  Do a lot of the easy quests that take no time but build up your quest points.  Make it seem like you are a legit player.  New accounts, high play times, intense level gains -> all things that I think factor in.  Of course, I do not work for Jagex so this is all speculation. 

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    Idk I think runescape once had a threshold of QP for trade limits etc.  I'd probably look into that.  Honestly the idea behind obtaining  QP is to make it seem like you are a legit player

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    dont just bot one skill, switch up and dont bot more then 4 hours a day, TRY your best not to bot during working hours and really stay away from commonly used scripts or frequently botted areas, for instance out of trial and error ive learnt for woodcutting i go to a random group of trees nowhere near a bank and powercut for 2 hours next day 4 hours next day 3 hours then i switch up and mine for the next 3 days, then i quest for 2 days , then start the process over. randomization will really help you and proxies are all opinion i dont really believe they help even if you have been banned from your ip a household has multiple people so they dont automatically assume all accounts are bots from the same source... then again none of us work for them so this is all opinion and preference

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