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    If i am botting in differant places but dont use a Proxy is that more or less dodgey?


    For example i dont use any proxies or anything but i bot at home obviously which will be the same ip. But when im away for work which is usuall 2-3 days a week, it will be in differant locations around the UK that will also be differant IP's.


    So will this give me a better chance of not being suspected of botting or more of a chance?

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    The networks themselves could play a factor; For instance, if you're staying at residencies/people's homes, then naturally it will read as a residential IP and be less 'suspicious' (for lack of a better word). Whereas if, for instance, you were in a hotel with a large shared network, it may be that these particular IP addresses are flagged/more prone to suspicion due to other user(s). (Take note that a lot of the knowledge around IP 'flagging' and such is speculative, though there is some evidence to suggest that certain IP addresses are indeed further investigated if they're known for illicit behaviour).

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