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Superfarm777 Goldfarm Blog

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Hi there.

This is a little blog I make for myself to keep track of my goldfarm progress, but you are more than welcome to read it too and maybe you'll get some experience/new ideas!

Background Information:

I found a method I like and hope the ban rates in that location aren't too severe. The requirements are decent and most of them can get botted.

From my calculations, you can get the requirements in 4 days. If you bot 10 accounts at the same time, that is 10 accounts in 4 days. On day 5 those 10 accounts are generating gold and I get started with the next batch of 10 accounts - if I don't get banned within the first 2 weeks, I can have about 30 accounts running by week 2.

By my calculations, if this goes the way it's planned - it probably won't though and a part of the accounts WILL strike a ban  (the question is how many WILL strike the ban)

If by week 2 I get no bans, like I said I have 30 accounts running. One account makes +-400k an hour. If the bots run 10 hours a day, this would be 120m per day. Not bad? This of course without the proxy/membership investment.

Now enough theory...


I don't have Bitcoin in stock right now and only will acquire some in the next days. I'll use the Bitcoin for some premium scripts to get my skill requirements, one private script for the goldfarm method itself, proxies, bonds and VIP for unlimited clients to be running.

Since I didn't want to waste any time, I created two accounts and started getting the requirements using a free script and no membership.

This is most likely the most stupid thing to do, but I decided to see how a free script and f2p account would perform to get partial skill requirements - or whether it even is possible to get partial skill requirements in f2p, then buy bond once you need to train a membership only skill - maybe this would to some point reduce my losses in bonds from getting the accounts banned before they even got the required skills to goldfarm.

2/2 accounts alive so far - skill level progressing.

Edited by superfarm777

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