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  • SELLING MAIN 99 melees/99range/96mage/ 77pray WITH AUGURY AND RIGOR/ ALMOST MAXED POH/100% hand trained


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    1. Stats of the account

    2018-11-23_06-14-04.png.70add2a679bf191aedbb704ba0e6541a.pngdidnt want to waste the last days not playing it, so I levled farming up to 79/80... 

    The account is no longer member

    1. Account status (bans, mutes)


    1. Login screen


    1. Quests (completed)

    2018-11-23_06-14-22.png.203adb772f79cacfc9a6b739fc004ae3.png2018-11-23_06-14-34.png.9a6e5a98a476e670fd2ad034ac397efa.pngThe site wont let me place achievement diaries screen... basicallt all hards completed but karamja desert and wildy. 

    1. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable)

    has 3 pets roaming around the house: zulrah, mole and willy hellcat,and pet rock :V

    The site wont let me post the house picture as it is too big... so, for more information about it you can pm me. The total cost used on the house is approx 150-175M itself. It has nexus portal levl 2, only thing missing is to upgrade it to 3 and the spirit tree which can be obtained after 83 farming which i dont have.

    2018-11-23_06-13-49.png.d8bcf3c6f568f3b276e932d3825b8481.png2018-11-23_06-15-10.png.d922e4f287c6e12b244451bcae43af88.png IT ALSO HAS AUGURY AND RIGOR

    2018-11-23_06-13-24.png.46f946f7250245c46eab8122489c7288.png3M nmz points to inbue.

    1. Minimum bid (price to start bids)

    150-200M osrs gp

    But Make an offer... I am open to hearing them out.

    1. Autowin

    400M rsgp

    $500 via paypal

    1. Payment method

    PAYPAL or RSGP only 

    1. Trading conditions (middleman)

    I am ok with a middleman helping if needed but I am not aware if they fee you for it. In this case, the fee would be paid by you. Just guide me throught the steps as this is my first time selling an account,but I will be more than glad to go through this procedure.

    1. Previous owners (if any)

    I am the only owner of the account, and the account has been 100% hand trained.


    NOTE: After the payment has been made either personal or with middleman. The information will be given immediatly with anything related to the account.. old passwords, IPs with proof if i can find any... etc, etc.... and we will change the account email and stuff like that. Just tell me what you need I can give it probably.

    If im not online you can contact me to my DISCORD Carrikol#8987 for more information or my whatsapp +504 9821-3017


    The reason im selling it? i got another 2 accounts and dont even play on this one anymore. Thanks for reading the post have a nice day :D

    Edited by Carrikol
    I think I placed too much for the account or idk just offer lets see how much it can go for
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