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    I'm trying to find the "Climb-up" action of a given wall and i'm not getting back a true return from gm.hasAction("Climb-up").  I believe this function is partially broken.

    The wall has Actions: [null, null, <a_bunch_of_encrypted_characters>, Climb-up, null, null]

    perhaps the encrypted characters are throwing off the loop.


    Additionally, the reason I'm trying to do this is because .interact() gets stuck if there's a tree in the way, which seems like it should be a bug in itself.


    EDIT: It seems the problem is that some actions begin with encrypted characters.  I suggest that hasAction search for strings that contain the given string, as opposed to that exact string.

    EDIT: Now the problem is though that interact() does not search the string, so I can't do it this way.  On my end I'll be using the actual action index to pass the action back, but I believe this should still be addressed.

    EDIT: My fix didn't work.  An exception was thrown when I tried to iterate through the actions, and when I try to do gm.interactForceRight(gm.getActions[2]); the mouse hovers over the object but doesn't click.  Either interact needs to be fixed to properly move the camera and not click when it's clearly hovering over a tree, or we need to properly be able to look at the actions of a GameObject. This combination of problems makes me kind of disappointed in dreambot, as this is basic interaction.

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    What you're experiencing sounds rather peculiar, try something like this and see if it works/make any difference:


    for (String s : ob.getActions()) { if (s != null && s.contains("text")) { doAction } }

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    That's almost exactly the code I was using at the last edit. Trying to loop through getactions and compare what was returned with a string was breaking my code, I assume because of unrecognized characters in the action string in question.

    Due to the unrecognized characters the string in the game debugger looked something like "|[ ][ ][ ]Climb-up"

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