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    Hello my G's, Jonny is back with another med level! As always I am the only person who owned/played the account and it's really fucking good. 

    1. Stats of the account https://gyazo.com/7250dc5139dd76811d9f21afe6036e2b
    2. Account status (bans, mutes) https://gyazo.com/f298c2d97bce87000ca42f3b431004dd
    3. Login screen https://gyazo.com/63239bc56f196e8b907b3f8c0e53dcbd
    4. Quests (completed) https://gyazo.com/c04244619ee0414b342c3922f180fec3
    5. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) https://gyazo.com/0c466e5de372f18c4e71e50847d20503
    6. Minimum bid (price to start bids) 100M
    7. Autowin /
    8. Payment method OSRS GP
    9. Trading conditions (middleman) If you pay. See my reputation for previous acc sales or ask ppl who bought.
    10. Previous owners (if any) As always I made this account and played this acc.

    Picture of the ergonomically designed house with maxed jewelerry box and pool (rougly worth 50m) https://gyazo.com/327d695a5f394548decb0f720927e596

    Proof that rigour and augury are both unlocked (roughly worth 95m) https://gyazo.com/9636f95d90ad2ba706a0f904de86efde


    So pretty good acc, everything is done except for maxing combat stats or w/e you like. Can still pass as a med but will be best as a main. Caught a 2 day ban doing some blast furnace for wildy diaries. Pretty sure u can still safely bot nmz on it if you don't suicide it. Gets pretty sick xp rates with dharok so max combat shouldnt be too far off.  After that got bored of pking so went staking and as usual lost my bank. New pure is already shaping up nice but need funds so am selling this. Comes with the tent that cleaned me (see untradeables) and  a bunch of other usefull items/quests. MM2 also done. 

    Since rigour/augury and 83 con alone are pretty expensive bids open at 140, you will get the email/password and ofc the password to the email that is linked to the acc aswell. Feel free to check my rep for previous acc sales and LMK if you have questions. I'm in gmt+1 time zone so responding fast might be tricky but I'll do my best as always. 





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    DS2 done! 205 quest points, 95hp 50k off 98 range 84 attack and 97str right now!

    Offers start at 100m!!

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