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    Hello, Not only would I like this account banned/deleted, in accordance with GDPR "Right to be forgotten", Article 17. I hereby formally request you remove any and all details pertaining to myself or any data that might identify me as an individual. I would request that this is followed up and confirmed via email, using the currently registered e-mail address attached to this account. I do not wish to be found on google, facebook or other 'public' search engines or web-spaces via my personal information through this site. I have removed all details I can find within my control.

    • I hereby give notice that I withdraw all consent for holding my personal data, including but not limited to; Name, Email, Address, CC information, IP address where;
      - it might by used to track my location and/or name
      -Where it could be used in combination with existing data to track my location and/or name
      -Where it could be used to connect with any email or any personal data.
    • I hereby give notice that I withdraw all consent for using my personal data in any respect, be it emails, offers, letters, post, advertisement, in any capacity. Excluding the requested emails in this request.
    • I hereby request all data is removed on both LIVE and BACKUP systems that may exist with evidence of the fact and e-mail confirmation of steps taken to ensure my data is removed and secure.
    • I hereby request any data you feel is not covered by GDPR Article 17 is notified and forwarded to myself via the registered email currently set on this account 02/10/2018 for review.

      In accordance with GDPR policy, I request the above is carried out within 1 month of this request. If time restricts your from doing this forward evidence for this to the registered email address connected to this account.

      Failure to acknowledge, respond or comply with these requests will result in escalation to a global legal data protection agency.

      Best regards
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    Pretty sure this isn't the correct location for this to be posted, but whatevs.

    We're not going to clear out your IP address, as we keep certain information for security purposes. What other information we need to keep for that I'd have to ask Pandemic about.

    Your credit card information is stored within your profile, and if you remove that credit card information, it's gone from our system.

    Once we clear your information, I can change your email so as to ensure you don't get any emails from the site, since if anything it'd look at your active email. Your past email we will need to keep also for security purposes.

    There is a "Download personal information" bit on ACP I can use to send you whatever personal information that gives, of which should be the totality of what we have, as given by invision(the forum software)

    We will retain any receipts of purchases you've made, because we need to keep those, all of which are publicly inaccessible.

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    • 3 weeks later...

    Account deleted, all content hidden.

    As for proving your information is deleted, here you go, feel free to ask me for all information regarding your account and I'll give you: nothing, because there's nothing there. :shrug:

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