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  • TheMcPker ban appeal


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    Who banned you: Nezz

    Why were you banned: 


    From what I can gather, McPker has been going between multiple users (and staff) in an attempt to instigate disputes, cause drama, and to try and get some users banned from the forums.
    Donald Trump has mentioned more than a few times that both currently and in the past, McPker does as he asks.


    Considering how blatant McPker was about discussing his plans with other users we've deemed that he is no longer going to be welcome in our community,


    Source: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/12672-pulseimpulse-report/page-2



    Why should you be unbanned: 


    I have never been warned about my actions or the result they may have even tho i talk to a few staff members decently often if i would of been warned i would of stoped my actions only thing i could concider as warning was the night before from nezz after which i have stoped all my actions around the impulse dispute.


    McPker does as he asks (Donald trump):


    This is true to a certain exstend yea i have done alot for trump no doubt about that not going to deny it either

    how ever as far as im aware i have never done anything agains't the rules for him just small things like can you try find out what x person knows about me maby once a month orso something small like that


    instigate disputes:


    Im not 100% sure what this means but i assume its something along the lines of making people start disputes


    (If you can give me some examples il gladly exsplain everything i know)


    I sometimes do tell people they should start disputes if they got a problem with a diffrent user since this is what disputes are for 


    try and get some members banned from the forums:


    (Give me some example of people i tried getting banned and il be happy to exsplain 100% of the things)


    if this is connected to the impulse dispute, i confirmed and gave some more info about the case and talked to some users to see if they had any information about the dispute i understand its not my job to ask peoople for information since this is staff  their job i was only trying to help



    After rereading your reason for the ban like 10x nezz i began to kinda realize what you ment in my eyes i was only trying to help the community to get rid of members i deemed bad for the community and i have kinda took my actions regarding to this tofar to a exstend you could call bad enough to be ban worthy


    I would like to ask for a 7/30 day ban after that period il keep my self far away from anything related to disputes  and the making of disputes + asking around about disputes ect. 


    if Staff decides to still remain with the Perm ban i would like to ask if i can use this account for 7 days in order to be able to complete all my current script requests i have already taken money for and im not in a position to be able to refund the users Im not a scammer and i don't wanna leave dreambot as one il remain 100% inactive on forums and only use it for making the scripts/bug fixing and won't be accepting any new ones

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Its been 2 weeks now i'd like to ask staff if they can please make a decision soon So i atleast don't have to think about this appeal every day checking to see if there has been a update and just having no idea it just stressfull for me


    If this sounds insulting to staff my apologies its not how i want it to sound just how i view it i understand you all have your own stuff to do both irl and staff related work but it means alot to me if i can get a anser asap

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