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    I am working on a python based bot manager for my own personal use and I was thinking about open sourcing it. What features would yall like to see in a bot manager?


    Usage is very dependent on the user knowing some python. To program behavior, the user would use my library to start/manage/end bot sessions. I suppose someone could easily create a web page to execute functions a remote connection but that isn't in the works atm.


    Current progress relies heavily on windows and probably will continue to for the foreseeable future.


    Planned features:

    • Bot status
    • Communication from the scripts (obviously this will only really be available for scripts that implement this functionality)


    Usage snippet:


    f2pWorlds = ["301","308","316","326","335","381","382","383","384","385","393","394"]
    world = random.choice(f2pWorlds)
    botPID = StartBot("looter1",fileName,"swiftCombat","proxy1",world)
    print("world: " + world)

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    I have something similar I'm working on, in Python aswell:  https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/12136-crondroid-bot-control-software-cronscript/?p=115410 


    So if you need inspiration, have a look at the project thread :)


    Also, if you have any questions or discuss this kind of stuff with me, I'm all about that!


    GL with the project!



    Edit: It's a shame they have to use a library though :/ The virtue with python is that you can easily build REST web services with it, which would take away the need for any libraries (making the scripts that use your manager eligible for the SDN/script store)

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    I don't think I intend to make mine nearly as polished as yours. (I don't have the time! haha)


    As far as the communication with the manager is concerned: I am reading the console output of dreambot and currently some scripts write out more than others. The goal is to have a script that post a sentinel whenever it is completed so that the manager can read it and do whatever the user intends. Assuming some arbitrary script writes out, you could identify a custom sentinel for a script that wasn't originally developed for use with the manager.

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