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    Who banned you: NezzTest


    Why were you banned: Alright so this was pretty funny. I had read the rules which stated “The bot has been given a "bad word filter". If you say any of the following: nigger, faggot, autism, or autistic in the chat you will be automatically muted." So I thought It was meant in a literal sense and that if the words weren’t there, then you wouldn’t get banned. 


    So basically, I was talking about the WWII zombie leaks and bugzie responded with “That doesn’t look like cod zombies at all”. I had then said, "the zombies sound like little fags on their period" because if you had heard the gameplay, they actually do (no joke).  


    Little did I know that “fags or period” was actually filtered…. Resulting in a mute from the bot.

    Why should you be unbanned: I had done nothing wrong, I did not intend to harm anyone in the chat and was just giving my opinion about WWII zombies. Because the word wasn’t in the rules, I thought It was ok to use. Because if you didn’t notice “nigga” isn’t in there and is still acceptable. So I thought “faggot and fags” would be two separate words according to the bots logic (for all I knew). 


    I will never ever swear or abuse someone that’s real. But because it’s a video game (everyone talks shit about games) I thought I was allowed to provide my opinion in any manner I liked. But for misleading rules, I think it’s an unfair mute. 


    Suggestion: Add !filtered or !badwords for the bot to display all the bad words it has in its filter. I think this would be a good way to 


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