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  • RS3 - Various accounts for sale - 5 and 10 year veterans for sale - Accounts to bot on for sale - 3 Character login's for sale


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    Hey, I have various types of accounts for sale for PayPal or RS3/2007 GP

    Make an offer for what your interested in, they need to go, if I think the offer is too low we will come to an agreement

    The easiest way to contact me is to add TL57 on Skype (Runescape GP avatar, ask for a PM to be safe) or you can reply to my thread or PM me, but Skype will be the best and quickest


    I have multiple 5 and 10 year veteran accounts, many are close to being a 15 year veteran

    All of these accounts are username login, with no email attached

    Some are level 3, some are not (ask me for your preference, and I will try to accommodate it)

    Example account:

    Login: www.ibb.co/dUDEzF
    Stats: www.ibb.co/dnT8Rv
    Bank: www.ibb.co/ger1eF
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/ivGgKQ


    If you are looking for accounts to run a bot on, I have many available for you

    All of these accounts are username login, with no email attached

    Most are low to mid combat level, one here and there is level 3, with the highest combat level around 65, and the skilling stats vary by account

    Example account:

    Login: www.ibb.co/fKPqDk
    Stats: www.ibb.co/dOt6m5
    Bank: www.ibb.co/mOpOYk
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/mWh7KF


    I have multiple 3 character login accounts such as "8qt"

    All of the accounts are a number followed by two different letters

    No real patterns, words, or shortcuts, but 3 character login accounts

    All are still on the tutorial island welcome screen, with no email attached

    I made them in '06-'07


    Account #1 - 105 combat level, good skilling stats

    Login: www.ibb.co/m7oWmR
    Stats: www.ibb.co/k3XD0m
    Bank: www.ibb.co/kqQBmR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/nQWj6R

    Account #2 - 99 combat level, 92 fishing, 91 firemaking

    Login: www.ibb.co/j0LY0m
    Stats: www.ibb.co/kWcD0m
    Bank: www.ibb.co/doRj6R
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/hw7rmR

    Account #3 - Sold

    Account #4 - 61 combat level, 99 woodcutting, 77 fishing, double spaced name xx--xxx--xxx

    Login: www.ibb.co/kHoWmR
    Stats: www.ibb.co/dRKt0m
    Bank: www.ibb.co/cJdWmR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/eW8mLm

    Account #5 - 73 combat level, 75 mining, 83 fishing, 89 cooking, 71 firemaking

    Login: www.ibb.co/kjdmLm
    Stats: www.ibb.co/jmXrmR
    Bank: www.ibb.co/n1yWmR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/hviWmR

    Account #6 - 58 combat level, 82 fishing

    Login: www.ibb.co/deKRLm
    Stats: www.ibb.co/ngzRLm
    Bank: www.ibb.co/bucrmR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/jcMvD6

    Account #7 - 4 combat level, 89 woodcutting, 86 cooking

    Login: www.ibb.co/fJGTY6
    Stats: www.ibb.co/dkiWmR
    Bank: www.ibb.co/czC2t6
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/bMOWmR

    Account #8 - 73 combat level, 40 attack, 81 strength, 33 defence, 80 fishing

    Login: www.ibb.co/gXeFD6
    Stats: www.ibb.co/mRPRLm
    Bank: www.ibb.co/dDM6Lm
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/bR6vD6

    Account #9 - 59 combat level, 78 woodcutting, 73 firemaking

    Login: www.ibb.co/fp2rmR
    Stats: www.ibb.co/koQoY6
    Bank: www.ibb.co/b4VcRR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/iAQBmR

    Account #10 - 52 combat level, 79 woodcutting

    Login: www.ibb.co/iVnD0m
    Stats: www.ibb.co/nAOLfm
    Bank: www.ibb.co/cRaNt6
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/mZC2t6

    Account #11 - Sold

    Account #12 - 58 combat level, 66 mining

    Login: www.ibb.co/gDHP6R
    Stats: www.ibb.co/jyQoY6
    Bank: www.ibb.co/bH0cRR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/hNymLm

    Account #13 - 75 combat level, 69 mining

    Login: www.ibb.co/mOTWmR
    Stats: www.ibb.co/mzYLfm
    Bank: www.ibb.co/ksVBmR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/fFVoY6

    Account #14 - 67 combat level, 68 mining

    Login: www.ibb.co/dVnD0m
    Stats: www.ibb.co/fkPFD6
    Bank: www.ibb.co/cphP6R
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/kLHrmR

    Account #15 - 65 combat level, average stats

    Login: www.ibb.co/dwvoY6
    Stats: www.ibb.co/fpGj6R
    Bank: www.ibb.co/iBe46R
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/mAWj6R

    Account #16 - 64 combat level, 74 woodcutting

    Login: www.ibb.co/gr446R
    Stats: www.ibb.co/mK00fm
    Bank: www.ibb.co/k3cffm
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/d0mHRR

    Account #17 - 13 combat level, 87 woodcutting

    Login: www.ibb.co/fiA0fm
    Stats: www.ibb.co/eoOxRR
    Bank: www.ibb.co/kkxwLm
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/dxmCt6

    Account #18 - 82 combat level, 1 attack, 1 strength, 45 defence, 78 range, this account is muted but can use the quickchat

    Login: www.ibb.co/jYbCt6
    Stats: www.ibb.co/dMgO0m
    Bank: www.ibb.co/gfM1mR
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/mESJY6

    Account #19 - Sold


    Account #20 - Combat level 19, all skills are 1 except 99 woodcutting, 17 HP, 22 range, 2 prayer

    Login: www.ibb.co/iwOD0m
    Stats: www.ibb.co/jZJD0m
    Bank: www.ibb.co/eB046R
    Ban History: www.ibb.co/mJmY0m

    Edited by TL57
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